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Career paths

At Cambridge Consultants there are many paths your career could take

We aim to provide the challenges and training opportunities you need to achieve your full potential at work. All our engineers, whether they are in mechanical engineering, product design or ASICs, follow the same initial path to senior engineer. Those who show promise are quickly escalated up the ladder. We have detailed the level of responsibility at each stage below:

Technology scholar. Industrial experience in a wide range of technical disciplines for students intending to go on to obtain degrees in technical subjects. Takes part in the day to day work of the company, interspersed with periods of practical training relevant to their chosen discipline. Works as a team member on projects.

Engineer. Works on client projects as a team member under the watchful eye of group and project leaders. Steep learning curve. May be working towards associate membership of a professional institution.

Senior engineer. Establishes a good track record for technical work, interacts with clients, key team member, increasingly involved with project management. May be working towards full membership of a professional institution.

Principal engineer. Exhibits sustained technical competence. Experience and knowledge are evident in project work. Involvement with clients, project management and commercial issues adds increasing value for the company. Some may choose to remain at this stage for the rest of their careers. Those moving on are likely to start to focus on particular skill areas.

...and beyond

Having reached principal engineer, you'll have the opportunity to move your career in the direction that best suits your skills. If you're a 'people person', you may be suited to the role of group leader; if you enjoy the commercial side of the business, you can take a client facing role such as a business developer. You can of course continue to develop your technical skills and follow a career path to technical consultant.

Once you have shown your true colours, your ongoing route up remains open and varied. You may pursue the opportunity to become an associate director, director and eventually an officer. Alternatively, you may decide to pursue a career in industry, or jump aboard one of the many spin-out companies we continue to launch.

Continuous training

We pride ourselves on employing some of the brightest, most able people. As you move through your career with us, however, you will need to learn new skills and gain new capabilities. From the moment you join, our training officer will work with you to offer a tailored training programme that meets your needs.