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    A diverse range of sensing technologies delivering optimum solutions

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Sensing Technologies

A diverse range of sensing technologies is utilised in projects right across our business to deliver optimum solutions

Extracting the maximum information from a difficult sensing problem requires an optimum physical sensor combined with sophisticated processing algorithms.

Cambridge Consultants understands this and undertakes many such complex sensing developments each year. Our experience covers a wide range of markets such as energy & transport, wireless communications, defence and security, industrial, and medical sectors.

Difficult sensing problems often require unique solutions. Our track record of success ranges from complex, high-performance measurement systems to high-volume low-cost sensing products. Solutions often have to be delivered within tight design constraints or operate in difficult or harsh environments.

We regularly develop sensors and sensing systems using our skills in:

  • Laser-based interferometry
  • LED-based optical sensors
  • Spectroscopy and spectrophotometry from UV to IR
  • Fluorescence techniques
  • Radio location and tracking systems
  • Radar imaging systems
  • Inertial systems
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Electronic sensing systems

We draw heavily on our experience in developing a wide range of sensors, using the most appropriate technology for the specific requirement, and often involving multiple sensors.

Sometimes the solution exploits data fusion where our client already has many data sources but lacks an optimum way of extracting the required information in a human digestible form.

One such recent system development was for the Highways Agency. The objective was to speed up identification of incidents on the roads. Much sensor data was already available in the form of real-time and historical incident data. Cambridge Consultants developed and deployed a successful solution based around Bayesian data fusion.