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    World class signal processing and algorithm development

    Digital signal processing

    Algorithm development

    Digital signal processing

Signal Processing & Algorithms

World-class signal processing and algorithms development capability

Our algorithms and signal processing experts work closely with other engineering disciplines to develop and deliver cutting-edge technology, for applications such as:

  • Medical technology
  • Wireless communications
  • Radar
  • Consumer products
  • Audio and video processing

First principles thinking

Whether we’re eliminating audio feedback or squeezing the most out of finite radio spectrum, we apply original mathematical thinking to your problem. Often this enables us to solve problems previously deemed impossible or impractical to solve using textbook approaches.

Expert implementation

Finding a mathematical solution is only half the story – implementation using suitable technologies is just as important. We have created special development processes which take the risk out of turning innovative designs into robust products - in a fraction of the time that others take.

Rigorous verification

Appropriate testing is hugely important for designs based on new algorithms. We use a custom-designed server cluster to run thousands of tests on isolated parts of a system, simulating conditions impossible to achieve on a laboratory bench.

Typical project work

  • Application of Bayesian inference to find the optimum algorithm for the available data
  • System simulation and modelling in MATLAB® and other leading packages
  • Implementation of complex algorithms in cost-effective and low-power processors
  • Trouble shooting and porting existing DSP- and FPGA-based systems
  • Design of ultra-low-power DSP cores around our Sapphyre technology for FPGA and ASIC
  • Ultra-rapid physical layer design using our SDR Framework™ development process