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19 May 2015Early warning of internal bleeding

Cambridge Consultants has been selected by biomedical start-up Saranas to help develop an early-warning system for bleeding complications during interventional procedures

12 May 2015VIDEORewired for trust

Innovative Shadowire technology from Cambridge Consultants is set to take the risk out of transferring files between computers

29 April 2015VIDEOUnlocking the unknown

Precise low-cost sensing from Cambridge Consultants opens the door to hassle-free car hire

21 April 2015Syngenta to evaluate Vortik

Global agribusiness Syngenta has signed a licensing agreement to explore the potential of Cambridge Consultants’ innovative Vortik spray technology

16 April 2015Growing success

Cambridge Consultants launches new recruitment drive as demand grows for innovative product development

5 March 2015Improving cold-chain logistics

A simple cost-effective way to constantly monitor the condition of drugs in transit is set to revolutionise cold-chain logistics for the healthcare industry

3 March 2015A ‘top 100’ company

Cambridge Consultants is the best mid-sized company to work for in the Cambridge technology cluster – according to its own staff

3 March 2015First all-digital radio transmitter

Cambridge Consultants has successfully completed initial trials of the world’s first fully digital radio transmitter – a turning point in wireless design

17 February 2015Best foot forward

Cambridge Consultants is sponsoring the Cambridge Half Marathon – and fielding a team of 50 runners

11 February 2015VIDEOA new smart way to shop

Smart trolley innovation from Cambridge Consultants is set to banish queues and personalise shopping