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Press Releases

19 December 2014$1m to fund new Ebola test

Cambridge Consultants and Diagnostics For All to rapidly develop a low-cost device for Ebola testing in the field

10 December 2014VIDEOInnovation in wearable tech

Breakthrough optical technology leads to a novel smart textile that turns garments into active motion sensors

28 November 2014New facilities support growth

Cambridge Consultants unveils its new £6m wireless facilities as growth continues

18 November 2014VIDEOA new surgical experience

A unique surgical tool development to transform the delivery of next-generation miniaturised neurostimulators

13 November 2014VIDEOBeer gets the barista touch

Cambridge Consultants uses coffee machine technology to give beer a taste of innovation

Credit: National University of Singapore

4 November 2014A world first in diagnostics

Cambridge Consultants is working with Singapore-based start-up Endofotonics on a groundbreaking endoscopic instrument development

8 October 2014VIDEOBringing the lab into the home

Cambridge Consultants unveils a new DIY approach to diagnostic healthcare

2 October 2014Simplifying life with diabetes

Cambridge Consultants has designed a smart injection pen to help diabetes patients track their insulin delivery

16 September 2014Drug discovery breakthrough

Cambridge Consultants is working with Sphere Fluidics on a revolutionary life science instrument development

11 September 2014Neurostimulation’s promise for patients

New report from Cambridge Consultants reveals hope on the horizon for effective treatment of debilitating medical conditions