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GSM videophone


In the late 90s Cambridge Consultants worked with Orange, the UK's leading GSM network, to develop the world's first GSM mobile videophone.


Cambridge Consultants brought technical leadership and consultancy to the development of the Orange product, and worked with Orange and other organisations to implement Orange's vision of a wirefree future. Cambridge Consultants undertook the overall technical design responsibility for the project, combining a multitude of skills such as cutting-edge video processing, wireless system design and human factors to develop this revolutionary product.


The Orange videophone was a palm-held device providing full video and audio communication capabilities, as well as combining the functionality of a complete PDA, with email access and Internet browsing. It was the forerunner of smartphones that use GSM/EDGE, 3G and 4G technology today.

Orange's device led a new wave of mobile products in which a range of voice, data and visual functions converge into one product.