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WiMAX basestation


Picochip had a software implementation of Fixed-WiMAX (802.16d) available for its novel DSP. At that time, it wanted to extend its capability to address the emerging mobile WiMAX (802.16e) standard and wanted to be early in being able to provide that capability to maximise its opportunity in that market to secure design wins.


We quickly identified that the new standard required a radically different design and that both a base station and mobile station reference would be needed to rapidly deliver a validated solution.

Cambridge Consultants defined a programme where both Picochip and Cambridge Consultants effectively contribute to the implementation. The development approach was based upon our proven SDRFramework™, which provided an integrated modelling, implementation and verification platform for the development.

Our algorithm experts decomposed the problem and we designed the solution; that design was implemented integrated and verified by Picochip and Cambridge Consultants working closely together.


The rapid development programme helped Picochip transition from being a late entrant in mobile WiMAX to being the first company able to offer a complete solution.

Its first-to-market position combined with the high quality of the solution built a strong reputation.

The resulting mobile WiMAX design was selected as the reference against which all other implementations were measured. It is now the most widely adopted mobile WiMAX PHY in the market and proved to be very profitable for Picochip.