Artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology that has the potential to revolutionise every conceivable sector and solve some of humanity’s most complex issues.

However public debate has arguably never been greater. We must work together to protect AI-enabled machines from misuse and confront concerns over sustainability, ethics, safety and regulation. In short, we must make responsible AI progress.

AI Summit London 2023 brought together leaders from across industry to discuss these topics and more. Here we bring you highlights from the Cambridge Consultants team.
AI assurance innovation briefing

AI assurance – protecting next-gen business innovation

Launched at the AI Summit, CC’s new AI assurance blueprint outlines the steps businesses need to make to unlock the full potential of AI, whilst addressing potential risks and challenges.

We explain ethical AI, explore specific AI assurance industry use cases, and plot the purpose, design, context and interactions of AI – driving innovation, growth and positive societal impact.

The need for responsible AI progress has never been greater, balancing governance and public trust with innovation, creativity and business value. For the value creators that develop defendable AI innovation, the gains are potentially uncapped.
Tim Ensor, Commercial Director
Cambridge Consultants 

Responsible AI progress

Speaker | Tim Ensor, Commercial Director 

As Chair of AI Summit, Tim opened by asking the key question of the day - how do we make responsible AI progress?

Tim unveiled recent technology developments, such as generative AI, laid out the emerging regulatory landscape, and explored how we get the balance right between governance, scrutiny, regulation and innovation, application and value-creation. 

AI has the potential to address the world’s most critical challenges, leading to new levels of collaboration between people and technology. But we must collaborate and adopt solid AI assurance frameworks so AI can help humanity reach its full potential.
Dr Maya Dillon, Head of AI
Cambridge Consultants 

Generation-after-next AI

Speaker | Dr Maya Dillon, Head of AI

Dr Maya put forward her vision of generation-after-next AI and explored the technological advances already happening to realise this.

Maya built on this vision by laying out an AI assurance framework, based on the foundations of explainable AI, transparency and security. Using real-world examples, this can build trust in systems, dynamically test them, and accelerate commercial advantage.

Blazing the AI trail

The next frontier is to bring AI - and learning - to the edge

What is the next frontier in AI? Generative AI and large language models such as ChatGPT are everywhere, but there are still significant challenges in bringing AI to devices without cloud or other forms of connectedness.

Prof. David Berman, Head of AI Research and Technology, explores how the next-gen of edge AI will enable low-power, low-compute continuous learning, heralding a new wave of dynamic devices.

Learn how we use AI, machine learning and advanced analytics to help our clients deliver world-changing innovations.

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Dr Maya Dillon

Head of AI

Tim Ensor

Commercial Director
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Prof. David Berman

Head of AI Research and Technology
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Engineering Assurance

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Group Leader, Algorithms and Analytics

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Head of Intelligent Healthcare

News and insights 

A semi-supervised learning breakthrough to accelerate R&D of AI-powered pathology

Novel semi-supervised learning to accelerate R&D of AI-powered cancer pathology

4th May 2023

What is semi-supervised machine learning? And what could it mean for the research and development of a new generation of AI-powered digital medical systems? Andrew Goulter reports on state-of-the art deep learning research at CC that promises huge savings in the time and expense of development, while augmenting the skills of pathologists… 

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AI assurance whitepaper

AI assurance – protecting next-gen business innovation

27th Apr 2023

AI will transform business and society, but concerns remain over AI ethics, AI security and much more. In this Innovation Briefing, CC experts explain how AI assurance can be the protection for the future of your business or organisation. The briefing reveals how a holistic approach will plot the path to lasting and effective change…

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O-RAN and AI are set to transform service performance

How O-RAN and AI are set to transform service performance

5th Apr 2023

We are entering a pivotal period for the future of telecommunications. It’s time to move towards the opportunities offered by O-RAN and AI. These are keys to unlock optimised network automation and maximised service performance.

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The future of AI is at the edge

17th Sep 2020

Driven by advances in silicon and machine learning algorithms, Edge AI is presenting vast opportunities for businesses across diverse markets. 

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