We develop optical solutions for a wide range of different applications, including low-noise fluorescence imaging, fibre optic sensing, high-accuracy spectroscopy and interferometry, photonics, opto-fluidics and sensor systems.

Our continual investment in state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation, combined with world-class multi-disciplinary expertise, delivers breakthroughs in display and illumination on an increasingly miniaturised scale.


We’re developing breakthrough optics and image processing technologies to transform healthcare. Driven by increasingly personalised diagnosis at the nucleic acid level, we apply fluorimetry and interferometry to probe sense at atomic scales.
As optics-dependent devices such as bio-sensing wearables become increasingly sophisticated and affordable, we combine our experience in optical sensing, medical diagnostics and FMCG to exploit these opportunities.
Our expertise in optical sensing and imaging enables us to develop robust yet highly accurate solutions for industrial and agricultural environments, from industrial robotics to crop imaging.


Our wealth of experience enables us to integrate innovative imaging systems into our projects.

We combine sophisticated optical and algorithmic technologies to solve challenging machine vision problems, from monitoring cars through to complex robotic control.

Meanwhile, our expertise in microscopy and optical coherence tomography has led to significant breakthroughs in the medical sector.

Optical sensing

Optical sensing

We are leaders in the design of interferometric detection systems, from surface metrology to vibrometry and the manufacture of complex optical fibre sensors.

Our expertise in spectroscopy and fluorescence enables us to analyse and detect the presence of chemicals in the even most challenging environments.

Optical design

Our in-depth knowledge of optical systems and design consistently results in breakthrough innovations.

Our physicists and opto-mechanics experts work together to build robust systems to meet rigorous environmental requirements. With a focus on design-for-manufacture, we are capable of rapid end-to-end optical systems development, from concept to manufacture.


30+ years at the forefront

Our achievements in optics are diverse – from helping drilling companies to see inside their oil wells to helping clinicians make more accurate diagnoses and giving consumers greater insight into their own health and fertility.

With more than 30 years of experience at the forefront of advanced optics, we routinely achieve performance that pushes the known limits of physics.

Our core optical physics team is augmented by specialists in closely related fields, including optomechanics, optoelectronics and endoscopy.

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我们有完整的光学实验室,可以建立复杂的、高精度的、通常用于测试原型设计以及在部署新技术对其进行测试的光学布局。实验室设有六个高规格的光学工作台,附带大功率(4 级)激光作业的可配置型互锁控制区以及用于实施进行干涉测量、光谱、低噪声荧光成像和光子计数的专业设施。实验室空间可以被划分成若干个独立的激光控制区域以同时开展多项实验,使得我们的光学工程师在开发富有创意的解决方案的过程中不受仪器限制。 



我们的实验室为我们的各种项目提供高精度的测量和分析服务。实验室中配备的专业设备包括一台气相色谱质谱仪 (GCMS)、一台 Matersizer 粒度分析仪、一台 Spraytec 激光衍射液滴粒度分析仪、高速热成像摄像机和快速开发定制图像分析软件。