The connected ecosystem

The world has never been more connected – and the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution has only just begun.

Each market category places its own specific technological demands on the connectivity solution. With technology advancing at a blistering pace and strong desire for differentiation, off-the-shelf solutions are rarely fit for purpose.

Having played a pivotal role in the creation and development of several major wireless technologies, we have an intimate understanding of the complex trade-offs necessary to create breakthrough connected devices and – crucially – the systems that support them. 


A legacy of leadership

Over many decades, we’ve delivered a steady stream of disruptive breakthroughs, from RF and satellite telecommunications to the world’s first wireless pacemaker and the ground-to-air radio system controlling over 50% of the world’s air traffic.

For evidence of our lasting impact, look no further than our billion-dollar spin-out company Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), the market leader in Bluetooth technology founded on the success of our ground-breaking development of the world’s first single-chip Bluetooth radio. 


We have the world’s largest independent wireless development team, spanning radio frequency, communications protocol, digital signal processing, power-optimised analogue and digital electronic design, embedded software, user experience and mechanical design.

With this unparalleled breadth of skills, we are able to deploy the precise set of disciplines that are critical for each development. 

The world’s first fully digital radio

Having designed a series of best-in-class short-range wireless products, we created Pizzicato.

With decades of experience in software defined radio, we’ve recently eliminated all analogue processing from the silicon radio to dramatically reduce size, cost and power consumption. This breakthrough is enabling the creation of an entirely new class of IoT devices. 

The world’s first battery-less connected injector

We’ve been building ultra-low-power connected devices since the market first emerged, from high-resolution activity monitors that run for weeks to low-power algorithms providing real-time feedback for sports professionals.

Our low-power obsession led us to develop the award-winning KiCoPen – powered entirely by energy harvested from the motion of removing and replacing the cap.

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Tech, tools & facilities

Anechoic chamber (Stargate Satimo)

Satimo Stargate 64


智慧配件 (Appcessory) 工具包

智慧配件 (Appcessory) 工具包

利用这个高速的范围界定和可行性分析的软件平台,我们可以非常快速地完成互联设备建模,从而在节省时间、避免不必要的成本投入的同时,确保最佳性能。以满足关键要求作为出发点,我们可以估计 PCB 的尺寸和成本,迅速厘清一系列的设计决策将如何影响涉及尺寸、功率、电池寿命、射频范围等因素的复杂权衡。

EMC 测试室

EMC 测试室

我们的全屏蔽 ETS-Lindgren 测试暗室适合用于开展广泛的 EMC 和射频测试,这些测试对于新装置的研发至关重要。这间实验室使得我们可以在产品设计的早期就完成多余辐射和干扰敏感性测试,进而直接基于测试结果来改良产品设计,而不是在设计的后期、需要耗费很多资金才能更正问题时才做该测试。 



我们采用了一系列专为开发互联产品而设计的快速软件开发工具。具体使用的工具包括 FSMGen 和 Datascript。 

Case studies



飞行办公时代已经到来。这是商务旅行一次无与伦比的华丽转型 - 飞机上拥有办公级别的高速宽带连接、最小的延迟。