It is our belief that security is not just a problem to be dealt with. It is actually a commercial asset – the right security solutions can be a springboard to business growth.

The business differentiator

Security can become a business differentiator by using the latest technology to engender customer trust and loyalty in your product and connected services. We enable innovative business models by providing data processing solutions that use novel techniques to maintain confidentiality. And we use explainable security concepts so that your customers can understand and appreciate the benefits.

Our expertise has been applied widely: to create wearables enabling new customer experiences; to empower new vehicle fleet management business models; and to allow pharmaceutical products to be authenticated in front of the consumer, so gaining their trust. Untold possibilities remain.

Redefining what’s possible

We deliver novel security solutions to meet evolving needs and emerging threats. That means applying the latest thinking from academia and other technology leaders. To stay ahead of game, we invest to build our understanding and to develop new initiatives. Recent examples include:

• Testing continuous variable quantum key distribution (QKD)
•  Applying AI to computer log and other analysis
•  Exploring homomorphic encryption
•  Developing solutions to meet the quantum compute challenge

Solutions in complexity

With connectivity comes complexity. Just consider the complexity needed to enable a smart city or autonomous vehicle. Rising to the challenge of architecting the security of these system-of-systems is something we relish.

Managing complexity

Our role is to solve the security challenges that are critical to ensure the continual and safe operation of your businesses. The advice we give is based upon a 20-year heritage of understanding precisely what security technology can achieve. This ensures that the right investment decisions are made to reduce security risk.

What industries do we support? We work across a wide range of operational systems to ensure the security of smart Infrastructure, automotive, defence, industrial automation and wider IoT enabled businesses. 

Securing the edge

The devices at the edge of our networks are often the most vulnerable part of any system.

Where power and cost are at a premium 

Our expertise enables you to disrupt your market by developing the most secure device, even when the power budget is incredibly low, and the cost must be measured in cents rather than dollars.

We’ve achieved this, and more, in many applications: 

• Smart meters using secure credit card technology to keep power demands to a minimum
• Mobile medical equipment that enables wireless communication via Wi-Fi and 4G
• Vehicle telematics operating for one year on a coin cell
• The world’s lowest power contactless payment on a wearable device with a screen

Secure by design

Robust system design ensures digital security solutions are properly implemented. Our formal design processes ensure system security by addressing a product’s risks and vulnerabilities as designed, as implemented and as used.

This involves defining security requirements and setting the overall strategy; defining security architecture and system design; and testing to verify regulatory and legal compliance.

For medical systems, this includes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) standards. 

Due diligence

Investors recognise that the market for security solutions continues to grow in double digits each year. New ideas flood the market, but only some will stick and provide the real return on investment.

Our due diligence advice for investors is based on a deep understanding of technology and the threat landscape. We look to the future and root our market advice in society and industry trends. Because we understand how the security market will need to evolve to meet these trends, we know which investments are likely to see the best returns. 

Authentication and brand protection

Deployment of the latest technologies in anti-counterfeit and brand protection contributes solutions that ensure your customers can be confident that your products are your products. This robust approach is applied widely, including new ways to test authenticity at the point of sale, and even to laboratory standards.

We embed anti-counterfeit features within both consumer products and medical devices. Elsewhere, our statistical algorithm capability has developed covert watermark technology for high-value audio content and a patented anti-counterfeit digital coding scheme.

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Tech, tools & facilities

Digital security codebase

Digital security codebase

We possess a software library of digital security IP that can be used in the implementation of systems for our clients. Having these established building blocks on hand results in lower cost, lower risk programmes. Among various encryption, authentication and blockchain libraries, our codebase includes one of the world’s lowest power AES implementations and a PKI for end-to-end. factory-to-brand owner systems.


Secure element toolchain

This toolchain gives us access to software and hardware from leading security vendors in EAL-certified ‘secure element’ silicon – the same technology that appears in your bank card, SIM card, and passport. This allows us to write, test and register software to implement mobile payment systems in our clients products. This facility is the result of our close relationships with key suppliers and test houses, access to datasheets and samples, and our registration with Mastercard as a contactless payment solution provider.




我们使用多台 NVIDIA DGX-1 深度学习超级计算机以及其他 GPU 和 FPGA-加速服务器,现场进行每秒钟千万亿次运算级别的容器化运算。如此强大的运算能力,由拍字节级(PB)的本地 NetApp 存储能力、项目专有云和我们的持续集成系统的支持。 



我们有自己的电子和机械生产车间,可以生产出有技术可靠的原型机,从而将创意变为现实,有力地展现它们的价值。与此同时,车间维持极高的质量标准,符合 ISO 9001、ISO 13485 和 ISO 14001 规章的要求。这些车间具备最新的 CNC 和铣床、车床、焊接装置、线束和电缆装配工具,因此我们能够非常迅速地生产出部件并且组装出全尺寸的工作原型机以作测试和消费者试用。