If you want to transform your physical product business through digital, or you’re an existing service provider looking to deliver a radical experience to accelerate growth in a new market, we can help. We know how to create rich offerings for the market that respond to user needs and open new revenue streams. Our uniquely broad expertise can help you seize the moment and harness the transformative potential of digital service innovation.

Shaping your future

We can help you identify the new digital concept that will disrupt your market (or stop you being disrupted.) Our research will help build a deeper understanding of your users’ needs – matched to the opportunity – and we’ll work in collaboration with you to identify potential propositions and lay out practical roadmaps.

We know what it takes to develop successful digital platforms that span the physical and digital worlds. Unlike many companies in the space, we have a proven ability to align our deep knowledge of emerging technologies with global trends. From such insight comes disruptive innovation. We’ll use our hands-on knowhow to inform planning, ideation and design – and develop more viable and valuable concepts.

The rewards of rapid prototyping

Codify and test fast, learn fast, repeat. We drive selected concepts forward with an ever-evolving approach to rapid experimentation and cloud-based prototyping. Experience tells us that iterative development is the most effective way to speed low-fidelity concepts into high-fidelity prototypes.

Reaping value from data is key. Our data science capabilities deliver priceless insights into user behaviour and allow us to continually refine concepts that answer real-world needs. The value for you? It reduces risk and provides the evidence on which to base further investment and eventual implementation. Only the concepts that best meet the needs of the user survive.

Redefining business with digital service innovation

The digital revolution that is changing our world is ready to transform global business. Those who prevail will seize new service-based revenues, reach new audiences, build stronger customer relationships and be protected from competition and market shocks.

Bringing concepts to life

A viable concept is all very well. But we help you give it life by deploying an agile, scalable service. Our customised implementation expertise spans platform selection, building the technology and integrating it with existing processes and systems. Each project benefits from our world-class skills in digital security, AI, UX, and full-service development. They are brought together seamlessly within our agile and cloud-native approach.

The breadth of relevant experience at Cambridge Consultants is unmatched. You’ll be supported from the big idea to your touchdown in the marketplace – and beyond. As well as technical knowledge, we have experts on hand to help with the business side of planning your go-to-market strategy, launch plan and ongoing scaling and operations.

To explore a hypothesis for a vending service and inform our roadmap, we asked Cambridge Consultants to bring our idea to life. Their consumer experience understanding, technical depth and breadth, plus their service design expertise meant they delivered fast, and kept us focused on the MVP required for testing to get us rapidly and efficiently to our goal.
Scott Finlow, Global CMO Foodservice

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible

A track record of success

Our team brings practical experience of helping major global companies enhance their physical products, by exploiting the opportunity of digital, as well as assisting small enterprises to expand service offerings in new markets. This ranges from major consumer brands accelerating their digital businesses, like PepsiCo, to those focused on cutting-edge industrial applications, like Hitachi. Our approach helps clients unlock their growth potential by delighting their customers, streamlining operational process, and moving into lucrative new markets.

Technical expertise, tools & facilities

Service design toolkit

Service design toolkit

Our team uses the service design toolkit to develop share innovative tools and methods to realise bold business ambitions. It bundles the key ingredients into one definitive toolkit to provide a practical and hands-on approach.


Its components are derived from methods proven by a large number of projects. As we make new technology discoveries, identify new aspirations and meet new challenges, we continually add and refine insights. The kit provides structure yet allows for flexibility – crucial requirements for service design.

Technology that enables

Technology that enables

We have a research backed capability in building open API and secure platforms that allows you to quickly unlock new ideas, address key risks and deliver better service propositions. We know how to build hugely scalable platforms that you are able to fully own.


This provides the vital ability to spin-up a new service proposition rapidly – helping organisations to touch, feel and understand new concepts but also support the essential need to trial, test and scale.

Data, development & test labs

Data, development & test labs

With one petabyte local storage and specialised hardware for telecoms chassis design, machine learning development and more, this facility allows us to develop, test and operate new cloud-ready digital services rapidly in a secure environment.


It enables rapid end-to-end prototyping and experimentation of sensitive concepts. We work across the full spectrum of cloud service providers, supporting both public and private infrastructures.





UX design studios

Equipped for creative, collaborative thinking, we use our UX design spaces to aggregate research data, user stories and create design concepts that remain visible for the duration of the project. Each design studio allows our project teams to develop ideas and explore designs while preserving client confidentiality.



数字温室(Digital Greenhouse) 是我们专门建造的人工智能研究院,其初衷就是要营造一个快速、安全的环境用以发掘、开发和测试机器学习方法。值得称道的是,该研究院配置了一台 NVIDIA DGX-1 深度学习超级计算机和一组机器学习计算机,拥有拍字节级(PB)的本地存储和每秒数万亿次浮点运算的专用计算能力。 

Securing interconnectivity, enabling new ideas

Learn how to protect systems, data & users through the science of security

Case studies



飞行办公时代已经到来。这是商务旅行一次无与伦比的华丽转型 - 飞机上拥有办公级别的高速宽带连接、最小的延迟。