Our expertise in physics, chemistry and materials science underpins everything we do.

Fundamental principles

Our knowledge of the structure and properties of different materials is used extensively in a variety of applications, from remotely monitoring tons of mining slurry to working with security inks on a molecular scale.

In particular, our fluidics and microfluidics expertise is crucial to many projects, from dispensing the perfect pint of beer to shaping the precise characteristics of sprays, foams and emulsions of all kinds. 

Key strengths

Micro-structural control in fluids
We understand the intricate behaviours of fluids and their interaction with physical surfaces, a vital factor in many of our beverage projects.
Structure-property relationships
Our knowledge of materials science ensures that all elements of a system’s design use the most appropriate materials.
Thermal properties
We’re particularly experienced in phase change materials and the handling of hot and cold fluids for beverage systems.

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Tech, tools & facilities


Physical science labs

A range of wet and dry labs which allow us to perform a wide range of physical science research and development. Specific equipment includes wet and dry benches, fume hoods, malvern mastersizer particle analysis system and UV-VIS spectrometer.


Agilent GC-MS

Our Agilent Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer enables detection and chemical analysis of a wide range of organic substances down to parts-per-million levels or below. This highly specialised piece of analytical equipment allows us to determine the make-up of a very wide range of organic materials in solid, liquid or vapour form and investigate flavour and aroma chemistry.



我们有完整的光学实验室,可以建立复杂的、高精度的、通常用于测试原型设计以及在部署新技术对其进行测试的光学布局。实验室设有六个高规格的光学工作台,附带大功率(4 级)激光作业的可配置型互锁控制区以及用于实施进行干涉测量、光谱、低噪声荧光成像和光子计数的专业设施。实验室空间可以被划分成若干个独立的激光控制区域以同时开展多项实验,使得我们的光学工程师在开发富有创意的解决方案的过程中不受仪器限制。