Intelligent audio & video

Our world-leading AI capability is revolutionizing end-user experiences, business workflows and manufacturing processes. This drives transformational efficiency and productivity gains for our clients.

Our techniques can identify audio and video characteristics with unprecedented speed and accuracy – from real-time classification of musical genres and spoken word themes, to applying super resolution to damaged or low-grade images.   

Breaking boundaries

We’re pushing audio and video product design beyond convention, using a ‘standards plus’ approach to create unique and industry-leading technologies, while taking advantage of high-volume silicon.

Building on our extensive experience, we apply novel techniques in wireless AV, sound beamforming, voice activation, wake-on-word and echo cancellation.  

Digital audio & signal processing

Digital audio communications play an essential role in the products we develop, such as codecs carrying voice via satellite or high-quality music over Bluetooth links.

We apply signal conditioning to improve signal quality and enhance audio, whilst driving significant power reductions, adding another dimension to algorithm and processing hardware design.  

Optimising the silicon

Disruptive audio and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies demand an innovative approach to silicon design. Our Sapphyre digital signal processing core increases performance for audio applications against cost, whilst significantly reducing power consumption and device size.

Our Ecoutez platform is the world's lowest power, flexible IP block for accelerating Voice Activity Detection, requiring just 11µW – about 100th of the power consumed by a modern hearing aid.   


Throughout our long history, we have developed a range of cutting-edge audio and video technologies – from professional and consumer products, to assisted listening platforms and hearing aids.      

Breakthrough design

Our multi-disciplinary teams have a proven track record of reinventing the possibilities of high-quality audio and video design, time after time.

This includes the world’s lowest-cost internet radio, the world’s first two-way tour-guide radios, pioneering instantly-installed wireless audio descriptions for visually-impaired and hearing-impaired cinema-goers, and a low-cost multi-channel video conferencing system supporting 24 microphones.  

Experts in wireless

Reliability is critical for live events, programme making and control systems with spectrum an increasingly scarce and valuable resource. Our experience in wireless technology and standards allows us to meet these challenges head-on.

From developing the world’s first fully digital radio transceiver, to advising regulators on spectrum usage, we offer clients a diverse range of expertise that ensures critical projects are delivered with exceptional results.  

Pioneering Bluetooth

We’re proud to have played a key role in the standardisation of Bluetooth, culminating in our spin-out of Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), which became the world’s leading supplier of Bluetooth single-chip transceivers.

From bespoke software stacks and processor cores, to innovative radio and antenna design, our expertise offers unprecedented customisation and control to our clients.  

Tech, tools & facilities

Head & torso simulator

Head & Torso Simulator

Using high-accuracy median heads and torsos fitted with calibrated standards-compliant ear and mouth simulators, we’re able to measure audio devices that are worn by or interact with people, including wearables, room speakers, microphones and environmental monitoring devices. Specific tools include Brüel & Kjær 4128C HATS, Audio Precision APx525 and analysis software for PESQ, MOS and POLQA.

Anechoic chamber (Stargate Satimo)

Satimo Stargate 64




数字温室(Digital Greenhouse) 是我们专门建造的人工智能研究院,其初衷就是要营造一个快速、安全的环境用以发掘、开发和测试机器学习方法。值得称道的是,该研究院配置了一台 NVIDIA DGX-1 深度学习超级计算机和一组机器学习计算机,拥有拍字节级(PB)的本地存储和每秒数万亿次浮点运算的专用计算能力。 

EMC 测试室

EMC 测试室

我们的全屏蔽 ETS-Lindgren 测试暗室适合用于开展广泛的 EMC 和射频测试,这些测试对于新装置的研发至关重要。这间实验室使得我们可以在产品设计的早期就完成多余辐射和干扰敏感性测试,进而直接基于测试结果来改良产品设计,而不是在设计的后期、需要耗费很多资金才能更正问题时才做该测试。