Cambridge Consultants paves the way to advanced consumer feedback

Product design and development firm Cambridge Consultants believes that now is the right time for emerging technologies to be harnessed to gather consumer insight. This approach is set to disrupt the multi-billion dollar market research sector, allowing new ways to gather insight and helping to improve products and services in the future.

Understanding consumer needs is a fundamental element of consumer technology development. However, traditional methods of gathering consumer insights are not perfect – the very action of gathering these insights through surveys or interviews can actually change consumers’ responses and behaviours. Additionally, gathering large amounts of information over long periods of time is often impractical, due to the cost and complexity of such large trials.

Sensing, connectivity, algorithm and machine learning technologies are becoming ubiquitous and now is the perfect time to leverage them for the specific purpose of gaining consumer insight – in concept testing and also after product launch. The key benefit of technology-based data gathering is that it is scalable in a way that traditional survey techniques are not.

To demonstrate the potential of these techniques, Cambridge Consultants has added machine vision technology to its Vinfusion wine blending system. The system blends a unique wine based on an individual’s taste preferences, which are then entered into a connected mobile app. Using image recognition technology, the system can assess whether the individual enjoyed the wine, by analysing their facial reaction immediately after tasting.

This visual recognition technology can also determine gender and age, allowing for trends and patterns to be established across genders and age groups. For example, a trial of Vinfusion with this insight technology established that males appear to prefer fuller bodied and “fiery” wines, while females tend to prefer lighter and softer wines. There was also a general trend amongst older consumers to prefer drier wines. These insights were uncovered without the need for human observation of the consumers in the trial, or to find the information from interviews or questionnaires.

For market research companies as well as consumer brands, once this type of technology is deployed, the insight comes for free, and because it is not intrusive, provides the opportunity for better quality results. When combined with data from diverse sources, it can produce sophisticated intelligence to establish trends in consumer preferences. For example, it can be used to link purchases to wider influencing factors, such as weather patterns and seasons.  

“One of the challenges of developing consumer products is anticipating the needs of the customer, both in trying to predict who that customer is, and making assumptions about what they like,” said Edward Brunner, Head of Asia Consumer Business, “Securing the right insights is crucial to commercial success and this technology approach will be a significant part of the industry in the near future. Now is the right time for companies to be engaging with this tech-led approach in order to stay ahead of their competitors.”

This approach is another example of how Cambridge Consultants uses science-led innovation to address complex challenges and create unique customer experiences.

Cambridge Consultants is demonstrating this technology at Drinktec 2017 in Munich from September 11th to 15th, along with its smarter recycling concept.

Notes to editors

Cambridge Consultants (剑桥顾问公司)开发突破性产品,产生和授权知识产权,并为全球的客户提供商业资讯,解决与技术相关的关键问题。60多年来,公司一直致力于帮助客户转化商业机会,包括推出市场领先的产品,进入新市场,引入新技术扩大现有市场。公司拥有超过900名员工,包括工程师、科学家、数学家和设计师,遍布于英国剑桥、美国波士顿、东京和新加坡办事处,为医疗和生命科学、工业和能源、消费和零售以及通讯和基础设施等多个行业提供解决方案。欲了解更多信息,请访问:

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凯捷集团是通过技术来为客户改造和管理业务的全球领导者,而Capgemini Invent是凯捷集团不可或缺的一部分。集团的宗旨是通过技术释放人类的潜能,实现包容性和可持续的未来。它是一个及负社会责任的多元化组织,在近50个国家拥有27万名团队成员。凭借其50年的悠久历史和深厚的行业专业知识,凯捷集团受到客户的信赖,在快速发展和充满创新的云、数据、人工智能、连接、软件、数字工程和平台技术的推动下,能够满足客户从战略、设计到运营的所有业务需求。集团2020年的全球营收为160亿欧元。

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