Business success from world-changing science.


Bioprocess development. Fermentation and Downstream Processing. Technology transfer and adoption.  

“Synthetic biology as a toolset and mindset” with a special interest in molecular biology applied to protein and strain engineering. 

How long have you worked at Cambridge Consultants? 

I’ve been at CC for 16 months now. 

What are your individual responsibilities?   

Being technically credible to our clients- showing deep understanding of their problems so CC can deliver transformative solutions. 

Bridging the gap between biology, engineering and computing; uniting technical teams ensuring that our solutions are grounded in a solid understanding of the biology. 

What are the best parts of your job?   

I enjoy the breadth and the variety of our projects is astounding- working on cutting edge solutions to the challenges in our modern world. In my first year at CC I’ve worked on DNA data storage, the biodegradation of plastics and bioprocess development for some of the worlds most advanced cancer medicines.  

Tell us about some of your achievements.   

One of my earliest commercial projects was the development of a biocatalyst used in the manufacture of the anti-HIV drug Abacavir. This created a platform for my career and has allowed me to pursue a fascination to use biology to do something useful ever since! 

What excites you about bioinnovation?   

The opportunity to learn! Our clients are diverse, the science they are trying to deliver is novel.  Every project brings the opportunity to gain a new understanding.   

I’m currently fascinated with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand protein sequence – function relationships – this field is moving so fast but is addressing a fundamental problem in biology.