Converting a breakthrough idea into a thriving business requires lean, agile thinking and an experienced guiding hand. Having helped a broad range of start-ups and investors achieve success over many years, we know how to speed your journey to market and build business value along the way.

How we can help 

Business success from business sense 

Our purpose is to make our clients successful. Highly defensible breakthrough innovation that creates sustainable businesses and disrupts markets is what defines us – but we operate well beyond the boundaries of technology. It’s a point of pride that we’ve built commercially experienced, market astute and business savvy teams. We hire people who speak the language of a start-up, where every dollar of investment expects a return.

The experience necessary to push limits 

The higher the risk, the greater the reward and this characterises much of the work we do. Our clients want to push the limits of what was thought possible. We are well tuned to guiding the bold, creative ambition of start-ups, and have a long track record of robust project management and successful delivery.

The value of knowledge and IP 

All intellectual property (IP) that we generate on a project will be passed to you as our client, creating value for you and your investors. Additional value comes from our knowledge transfer and close interworking, which helps up-skill your business with the results of the project. We can also support the hiring of key staff, helping you build your team.

Process rigour and flexible deployment 

Many start-ups lack their own R&D capability and processes in the early stages, but those that work with us immediately benefit from the proven, robust and agile methods we’ve developed over many years. You’ll be able to tackle development, regulatory approvals and new product introduction with confidence – and get to market faster with less risk. We’ll focus on working with you to help meet milestones for onward funding and be flexible in our team deployment to meet the resultant investment profile.

The odds against a start-up are formidable but our capabilities can make the difference. We can turn your idea into reality and have the experience to help you scale and succeed.

Our experience 

We can help you overcome the significant hurdles typically faced by start-ups. We will bring together and deploy a world-class team to provide you with the precise combination of skills you need to complement your own strengths… avoiding the need to find and hire expertise.

Helping visually impaired people to navigate indoor spaces

2019年 12月 16日

Cambridge Consultants and Waymap have created a unique smartphone service that helps visually impaired people to navigate through complex indoor spaces, such as public transport hubs.

  • AI和数据分析
  • 数字化服务
  • 传感技术
  • 追踪和定位

The Saranas Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System

2020年 05月 21日

A world-first for endovascular bleed detection

  • 数字化医疗
  • 人因学
  • 工业设计

CATALOG DNA data encoding machine

2020年 05月 11日

Enabling the world's first DNA-based platform for massive data storage

  • 生物创新

Evonetix raises $30 million USD (£23 million GBP)

2020年 03月 2日

Evonetix, the synthetic biology company developing a desktop platform for scalable, high-fidelity and rapid gene synthesis, today announced the successful close of its Series B funding. 

  • 生物创新


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