I was very pleased to participate in the Middle East Gulf Intelligence panel discussion chaired by Michelle Meineke, director at Energy Transitions Dialogues on June 09.

The last two weeks have been momentous for Oil & Gas majors. They are coming under pressure as never before from investors, shareholders and the courts. They must no longer act as a brake on the energy transition; indeed, they will be forced to act as an accelerator. These changes will impact almost every business as we pursue the goal of net zero. The elimination of fossil fuels from a company’s supply chains requires innovation at the very core of its revenue-generating activities. 

This kind of world-changing innovation is exactly what Cambridge Consultants is for. In our recent whitepaper you will find an introduction to the process of developing market-beating products and services for a net zero world. 

Listen to whole discussion together with Faris Al Kharusi, Principal Business Transformation Lead at PDO and Iain Munro, Strategy Director at Ryse Energy on the podcast below:



Nathan Wrench
Commercial Director, Head of Sustainability Innovation

Working with ambitious companies worldwide to transform their businesses. Pursuing new opportunities centered around societal and environmental needs.