Webinar: Construction DX – transformation through automation

Date: May 24th
Time:  08:00 BST 15:00 JST
Language: English and Japanese

In this webinar and accompanying articles and reports, Cambridge Consultants will reveal how adopting radical innovation approaches combined with deep understanding of the latest technology from multiple sectors can turn buzzwords into actionable opportunities. This will drive adoption of automation and autonomous systems, allowing the industry to overcome these challenges and thrive. 

Who should join?

Leaders in the construction industry, who have an ambition to leverage the digital transformation trend and create solutions to improve and evolve the business. 

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Opening Remarks

15:00 JST - Opening Remarks

Speaker - Yoichi Ishige, VP Sales, Cambridge Consultants 

Ishige will introduce the topics that will be covered in this webinar.

Automation opportunities in construction

15:00 JST - Automation opportunities in construction DX

Speaker - Takehiro Kojima PhD., VP Client Experience, Cambridge Consultants

How does Japan compare to the rest of the world, and what can construction learn from other industries? We’ll share examples of how technology is used in other parts of the world in construction. We will also look at other sectors that are adopting technology to transform their business and discuss how this can inspire the construction sector in Japan. 

JST KION Group Case Study

15:15 JST KION Group Case Study - Digital transformation in warehouse logistics

Speaker - Benny Zhang, VP APAC of KION Group IT

Benny will provide insight around how KION Group, and specifically the Linde Material Handling forklift business, are supporting their warehouse customers with a wide range of digital transformation activities. This can provide inspiration to the construction sector with tangible examples of how they are changing their business.

What are the technologies that can enable digital transformation?

15:25 JST - What are the technologies that can enable digital transformation?   

Speaker - Jonathan Jones, VP Technology, Cambridge Consultants

Technology advances are a real opportunity for the industry, and we can use these already available technologies in unique combinations and with some adaptations for construction industry applications. Many technologies are relevant, but it is important to fully understand them in order to create a system that meets our needs. We’ll discuss a few examples, such as sensor platforms and sensor fusion, AI, and how we can use simulation to make the development process efficient. 

How to approach novel technology developments and work with external companies

15:40 JST - How to approach novel technology developments and work with external companies

Speaker - Edward Brunner, Head of Asia Industrial and Consumer Business, Cambridge Consultants 

We will provide an overview of the different options available to companies when looking to innovate beyond core competences available internally. We call this a multi modal approach to innovation. We’ll discuss the different modes available and explore what situations these different approaches are most appropriate for. We’ll also share how CC can support companies within this ecosystem. 

Closing remarks

15:55 JST - Closing remarks

Speaker - Yoichi Ishige, VP Sales, Cambridge Consultants

A summary of what has been covered in the webinar, with information on the additional materials we’ll make available for further reading. Additionally, there’ll be an opportunity to ask any follow up questions. 

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Meet the speakers


Benny Zhang


Benny Zhang, Vice President APAC of KION Group IT, is currently responsible for the information technology and digital business unit of the Asia Pacific Region. With a master's degree from Tsinghua University, he has 20 years of experience in IT and digital management and project implementation. Benny had served for Siemens and Allianz as CIO and digital leaders of multinational companies, focusing on corporate informatization and digital strategic planning, project management, solutions, and team management. He has led the implementation of a series of informatization projects for legal entities of KION Group in China, such as cloud computing, SAP, MES, CRM, BI, etc., and is also responsible for the digital business unit in the Asia-Pacific region to promote the company's digital transformation in the material handling industry.


Takehiro Kojima

PhD., VP Client Experience, Cambridge Consultants

While working at a major Japanese electronics equipment manufacturer, Kojima was engaged in the design of imaging processes and the development of related materials and measurement technologies for office MFPs and on-demand printing machines. During that same time, he obtained a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge, U.K. He joined Cambridge Consultants Japan in 2018, and has since worked with clients in a wide range of industries, primarily in consumer goods, industrial equipment, and infrastructure, including the construction industry. He is responsible for developing and executing strategies to enhance client satisfaction in business development and systems/hardware delivery.


Jonathan Jones

 VP Technology, Cambridge Consultants

Jonathan is based in Cambridge Consultants’ Japan office and leads the technology delivery capability in Japan. Previously he worked as a principal engineer in the Cambridge Consultants’ Wireless and Digital Services on the development of satellite communication terminals and radar sensing products. He has a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol and over 20 years’ experience working in the wireless telecommunications industry.


Edward Brunner

 Head of Asia Industrial and Consumer Business, Cambridge Consultants 

Edd leads Cambridge Consultants’ Industrial and Consumer business in the Asia region. He has over 15 years of experience in technology innovation, within both consumer and industrial product and system development. He has been doing business in Asia since 2013, much of it in Japan, and moved from the UK to Singapore at the start of 2020.


Yoichi Ishige

VP Sales, Cambridge Consultants

After his 15 years of experience in overseas sales with Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company, assignment in the Silicon Valley and establishing of a local subsidiary in the UK and being appointed as the head of a Japanese subsidiary of a Silicon Valley start-up, Ishige joined Cambridge Consultants in 2018. He plays a big part in business development and project support in the consumer, industrial equipment, and automotive sectors. 

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