The healthcare industry is eagerly awaiting the reduced costs and improved outcomes that digital surgery is promising, but are we taking the right steps to bring it to life? Are our legacy systems, methods, and strategies well suited to deliver digital transformation? Though the ambitious goals of this revolution are relatively easy to articulate, the roadmap to realizing this vision is clouded with uncertainty and the obstacles can seem daunting. This presentation explores the changes that are coming in surgery and the changes to our legacy thinking and methods that will be required to create products and technologies today to form the foundation of the digital future.



Alex Maret, Vice President Robotics and Digital Surgery
Alex Maret
Vice President, Robotics and Digital Surgery

Alex leads CC's medical robotic capability, he guides teams in the development of groundbreaking products to shape the future of healthcare. His work is focused on identifying high-value opportunities for clients and creating novel robotic solutions for an increasingly digital future.

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