Our specialisms

Our innovative solutions help operators increase recovery factor and reduce operational costs. Our multidisciplinary skillset means we are uniquely placed to address these challenges.

With proven experience designing products to meet standards such as ATEX and API17S, we deliver solutions that meet commercial and performance requirements in demanding operating environments. 

Sensors & instrumentation

The breadth and depth of our expertise in deploying optical, electronic, magnetic and acoustic measurement techniques means we always identify the best approach for the challenge at hand.

Drawing on our successes in measurement, location and control technologies in other sectors, we often uncover opportunities to transfer key innovations and insights into oil and gas applications. 

Communications technologies

We operate one of the world's largest independent wireless development teams, with more than 200 experts covering every specialism, from short-range wireless connectivity to global satellite communication.

We’re adept at developing technology to reliably communicate critical data in extremely challenging environments, drawing upon our expertise in conventional and unconventional electromagnetic and radio frequency techniques. 

Data science

Increasingly found at the leading edge of technology in just about every field, data science has a powerful role to play in improving sensor performance.

Our mathematicians and data scientists extract valuable information from the noise. By skilfully managing and interpreting the vast quantity of data generated by the latest generation of sensors, we achieve optimal speed, accuracy and resolution, and find new ways to combine and cross-reference data from multiple sources to provide actionable information.  

How we work

From concept generation through to delivery of qualified hardware suitable for deployment topside, subsea and downhole, we combine a scientific, analytical approach with commercial awareness.

By understanding each client’s technical and commercial objectives, combined with our own deep scientific knowledge, we identify and develop technology that provides a genuine competitive advantage and commercial benefit.

Independent and technology agnostic, we don’t supply products directly to the oil and gas industry, instead allowing our clients to own the intellectual property we develop for them. 

Interested in joining us? 

Tech, tools & facilities



我们的实验室为我们的各种项目提供高精度的测量和分析服务。实验室中配备的专业设备包括一台气相色谱质谱仪 (GCMS)、一台 Matersizer 粒度分析仪、一台 Spraytec 激光衍射液滴粒度分析仪、高速热成像摄像机和快速开发定制图像分析软件。


ANSYS tools

We’re experts in applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools, including CFX and Fluent, to conduct finite element analysis (FEA).



我们有完整的光学实验室,可以建立复杂的、高精度的、通常用于测试原型设计以及在部署新技术对其进行测试的光学布局。实验室设有六个高规格的光学工作台,附带大功率(4 级)激光作业的可配置型互锁控制区以及用于实施进行干涉测量、光谱、低噪声荧光成像和光子计数的专业设施。实验室空间可以被划分成若干个独立的激光控制区域以同时开展多项实验,使得我们的光学工程师在开发富有创意的解决方案的过程中不受仪器限制。 



我们有自己的电子和机械生产车间,可以生产出有技术可靠的原型机,从而将创意变为现实,有力地展现它们的价值。与此同时,车间维持极高的质量标准,符合 ISO 9001、ISO 13485 和 ISO 14001 规章的要求。这些车间具备最新的 CNC 和铣床、车床、焊接装置、线束和电缆装配工具,因此我们能够非常迅速地生产出部件并且组装出全尺寸的工作原型机以作测试和消费者试用。

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible



AI in telecommunications set to secure the ‘Augmented Human’

2018年 02月 21日

Cambridge Consultants today launches a major new report, stating that the telecommunications sector will be an AI pioneer, as many features of 5G and IoT networks will depend on AI to reach maximum potential.


Collaborative autonomous drone fleets

Collaborative autonomous drone fleets for next-level UAS operations

2023年 07月 3日

This reveals our vision and live demonstration of automated, AI-powered, collaborative uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) fleets and the exciting commercial use cases these present.

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AI Summit Austin 2022

AI Summit Austin 2022 – Chair’s opening keynote

2022年 11月 2日

The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference and exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organizations that are set to transform business productivity. On November 2, 2022, we gathered with industry experts in Austin, TX, to learn, connect, and drive the industry forward. Watch our opening keynote to learn more.  

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My Manifesto for sustainable business growth

2022年 08月 1日

I really want to talk about changing the way we do business. And I mean radically changing it, so that businesses can flourish while at the same time protecting communities and taking care of the environment. Is that too much to ask? I think not – in this article I’ll explain how and why AI is ready to drive a more sustainable yet commercially successful future.

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