Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) will play a central role in autonomous vehicles, requiring numerous and integrated sensors to accurately determine situational assessment and action implementation.

We will be speaking at the event and showing a live demonstration of our DeepRay™, a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that creates clear, undistorted views of the real-world from a damaged or obscured moving image.

Advanced AI – seeing clearly in the real world

Date | 20 March 2019
Time | 16:00 - 15:15
Speaker | Thomas Carmody

Machine vision systems have progressed rapidly in recent years, however performance can quickly deteriorate if a view is obscured by rain, smoke, dirt or other obstructions. This has serious implications for real-world automotive applications where image quality can be degraded by environmental factors or damage to camera-based systems.

In his talk at ADAS Sensors, Thomas Carmody, Head of Transport and Infrastructure at Cambridge Consultants, explores this topic and showcases the latest deep learning technology that augment sensor systems to create clear, undistorted views of the real-world from a damaged or obscured moving images.

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