We will be demonstrating our latest pioneering AI demo, which aims to create a single numerical estimator of a person’s stress levels.

Designed alongside clinical psychiatrists and neuroscientists, our demo uses a range of self-reported (via app), environmental and physiological measurements (body worn sensors), which we’ve analysed using a variety of machine learning methods to provide a simple indication of the status of a person’s stress at any given time.

The potential applications are wide ranging, from informing pharmaceutical companies about drug action and efficacy during clinical trials to providing biofeedback via apps. This can empower patients to more effectively understand and manage stress in their daily lives.

Building the digital ecosystem required for tomorrow's clinical trials

Date: 9th October
Time: 09:35
Speaker: Jaquie Finn, Monty Barlow

Underlying stress conditions, from occasional acute stress through to diagnosable chronic conditions, can have a profound affect on clinical trials. It's vital that pharmaceutical companies fully understand individual participant's baseline stress levels in order to assess drug action and efficacy during trials.

We’re investigating the measured inputs that will allow us to build an effective, AI-driven stress monitoring system. Jaquie Finn and Monty Barlow will present our work to date and map out the ultimate vision: a full digital ecosystem for managing clinical trials.

Jaquie Finn – Head of Digital Health

Find out how we're improving patient outcomes

Jaquie leads our initiative to provide strategic guidance and practical support for clients transitioning their business model to include a digital element. These digital elements include device connectivity, data science, launch strategies, behavioural science and digital service design.

Jaquie has a BSc in Applied Biology, 10 years’ experience in Molecular Biology and 15 years’ experience of Product Management and Marketing for software, hardware and digital services in medical and life science industries that include immunology, ophthalmology, neuroscience and bioinformatics. Jaquie has also worked in telecommunications, food hygiene and intelligence informatics.

Jaquie is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Monty Barlow – Head of Artificial Intelligence

Discover how we're transforming commerce & industry

Monty works with our clients to develop and apply AI in their systems, products and services. He runs our AI research lab – the Digital Greenhouse – to discover, assess and industrialize new AI approaches and technology, giving our clients access to game-changing capability ahead of the curve.

Throughout his career Monty has sought challenges which requiring high performance computation and cutting-edge algorithms, in applications as diverse as telecommunications, security, transport and healthcare.

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