With decades of experience, we are the partner of choice for the ambitious. Our focus at CES 2020 includes the future of AI, digital automation, natural interfaces, personalization, quantum technologies and bioinnovation

Join us at Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, Booth 44137. We can help accelerate your path from discovery to world-changing applications… that create market leaders.

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Conference session.


Our Head of Digital Health Jaquie Finn will be reporting from the frontline of innovation as she leads this Digital Health Summit conference session. 

Contactless, passive remote monitoring is set to change everything – in hospitals, in automobiles and in countless other applications.

Here, Jaquie will draw on our work at Cambridge Consultants and discuss the potency of cutting-edge technology that has the potential to save countless lives.    

Ocado smart platform

Ocado is the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer. Our work to develop the wireless control system for the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) is at the heart of its automated customer order fulfilment system. The platform controls thousands of fast-moving robots simultaneously, each to within a fraction of a second, controlled by the world’s most densely packed mobile network.

AI enhancement to go beyond human vision

A major application of AI is enhancing technology-based systems to enable applications that wouldn’t otherwise be viable with ‘standard’ technology. Our technique can be applied to virtually any source of signal or data, but in this case the technology creates undistorted views of the real-world from a damaged or obscured moving image.

Based on advanced deep learning, it has the power to see clearly in difficult, unpredictable situations. It could transform numerous machine vision and imaging applications, from autonomous driving to empowering healthcare professionals with more accurate medical imaging.

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Monitoring Power Plant Health With Industrial IoT

This new sensor network and wireless communication captures data and proactively feeds it to a power plant operations center. Brush and generator health can then be monitored remotely, freeing up maintenance resources. Power plant generator carbon brushes provide essential electrical contact. They wear down over time and must be replaced before becoming dangerously short. The technology triggers inspection calls from activity the human eye can’t see – avoiding potentially catastrophic failure and preventing the replacement of items still operating within specifications.

Harnessing DNA to preserve the human record

Data storage in data centers consumes vast amounts of power and by 2025 will no longer be capable of meeting our data storage needs. We partnered with CATALOG Technologies to plan the development of a machine that will encode data in DNA. Such storage is space efficient, highly sustainable and can fit enormous quantities of data into a tiny footprint. With this revolutionary technology, the information content of entire data centers can fit into the palm of your hand.

Creating Hyper-Personalized Experiences

Our experiential sensing concept can help brands use traditional consumer research methods to uncover insights and trends that were previously unobtainable. Using available sensing technologies, the concept uses AI principles to collect and quantify biometric, contextual, and product usage information. It creates a data-rich trove of physiological, situational and product performance data ready to help brands optimize marketing, inform new product development and engage consumers in a more meaningful way.

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Real-world AI applied to global health challenges

Our concept system harnesses AI and standard hardware to improve treatment monitoring of tuberculosis (TB) in resource-limited countries. Current monitoring is labor-intensive and inconsistent. Our platform uses a low-cost smartphone camera to capture images from a commonly used microscope and deep learning to identify and count cells consistently in a fraction of the time – while automatically digitizing results for clinicians. We foresee platforms like this transforming the diagnosis and monitoring of many conditions without the need for expensive hardware.

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Meet our industry leads at CES

Ruth Thomson

Head of Consumer Business

Niall Mottram

Head of Industrial and Energy

Jez Stark

Head of Semiconductor Services

Thomas Carmody

Head of Transport and Infrastructure

Jaquie Finn

Head of Digital Health

Dylan Garrett

VP, Consumer and Industrial Business

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AI in the driving seat

Set to be worth $92bn by 2025, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is the fastest growing technology in automotive, transforming the market with features such as blind spot detection and emergency braking. AI is a critical component, and crucial to the self-driving capabilities of more advanced semi-autonomous (S-ADAS) systems. With considerable commercial and technological challenges still to be overcome, this whitepaper sets out our roadmap to the successful delivery of S-ADAS features to the mid-range vehicle segment.

Medical implant development for personalized delivery of medicine

The medical implant industry is set to grow from $5bn in 2017 to $16.3bn by 2022. But there are tensions to understand and hurdles to overcome for innovators intent on taking advantage.

We reveal how device developers will need to manoeuvre through conservative, highly regulated, monopolistic yet fragmented healthcare addressing some of crucial considerations for companies investing in implant research and development.

The future of patient monitoring

The monitoring of patients within a clinical setting is changing; new market entrants, new business models and the IoT revolution are providing more insight into the patient condition through novel data feeds and analytics. We investigate some of the key drivers affecting patient monitoring and the role of technology. We also explore what this means for strategic marketers and R&D teams within device companies, and how they need to adapt to remain competitive in the next 10 to 15 years.

The future of vertical farming: the intelligent ecosystem

Vertical farming promises a step change in production density, providing significant efficiency savings with the additional benefit of improved product quality. As our whitepaper demonstrates, vertical farming also presents the only viable option for growing crops within urban environments where geographic footprint is limited and demand for just-in-time delivery of produce is ever-increasing.

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