EFIB brings together professionals from across the value chain, including researchers, policy makers, regulators, and global organisations, to discuss advancements in industrial biotechnology and its contribution towards positioning Europe as a global leader in addressing societal and sustainability challenges.

Speaking Session | Bioprocesses & Technologies. Supporting the bio-based transition
Date | October, 25
Time | 09:30 - 10:45 (CEST)

Business success from world-changing science

Steve Thomas, Associate Director Applied Science and Industrial Biotechnology at Cambridge Consultants will dive deeper into future bioprocesses and how innovation can help.

Session Title | Radical Innovation: The Key to Unlocking Biomanufacturing's Potential​

To unlock biotech's trillion-dollar growth potential, we need radical innovation and improved cost efficiency in biomanufacturing processes, including fermentation and cell culture. Traditionally, engineering support for biotech has favoured automation, duplicating human tasks with robotics. However, to achieve predicted growth, we need more profound technological advances, driving step changes in operational efficiencies through tool and workflow innovation.​

The key to this innovation will be a fusion of engineering and biology, generating the requisite technological advances to fulfil the biomanufacturing promise. By adopting a top-down analysis approach, you can address bottlenecks and errors, significantly enhancing enterprise growth by reducing time-to-market for new products and processes.​

This presentation will provide practical examples of this innovative approach, highlighting how you can shape the future of biotech, fostering the industry's evolution beyond automation.

If you would like to learn more about bioinnovation speak to Steve Thomas


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