Right now, bold, fresh policy thinking is more urgent than ever. In this event series, the New Statesman and its Spotlight policy supplement are convening leaders from politics, business and international organisations to explore the most pressing policy problems facing the world.  

Through a series of panel discussions, interviews and live Q&A's, leaders and expert speakers are examining how the world can move to a clean energy economy, with sessions across a range of policy areas. 

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On Tuesday 9th February, our own Head of Sustainability Innovation Nathan Wrench will be discussing the next big challenge for countries worldwide…  

Session 4: Transforming the Plastics Economy for a Sustainable Recovery 

The world is facing a global plastics crisis. What is the importance of transforming the plastics economy? What role do universities play in offering solutions? Don’t miss this important debate.   

Date | Tuesday 9th February 
Time | 11:30 to 12:00 
Speaker line-up | Cesar Sanches, Head of Sustainability and Innovation, ValGroup  | Professor Steve Fletcher, Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy and Director of Sustainability and the Environment Research Theme, The University of Portsmouth  | Nathan Wrench, Head of Sustainability Innovation, Cambridge Consultants | Chair: Marina Leiva, Senior Reporter, Investment Monitor. 

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Summary Construction DX Japan webinar1

Construction DX – transformation through automation

24th May 2022
Online event

In this webinar, experts from Cambridge Consultants will reveal how adopting radical innovation approaches combined with deep understanding of the latest technology from multiple sectors can turn buzzwords into actionable opportunities. This will drive increased adoption of  automation and autonomous systems in the construction industry.

Private networks

The new world of private networks – RCR Wireless Global Forum

24th May 2022

We’re entering a new world of private networks. In an age where enterprises work around the clock to improve product quality, boost efficiency and stay competitive – all while remaining profitable – private networks offer a gateway to true digital transformation and maximum business potential. Join us on 24 May for the Private Network Global Forum 2022. 

Open RAN Mobile World Live

Unlocking the true value of Open RAN – it's all about the RIC

25th May 2022

Open RAN offers a huge opportunity, but to unlock the true value we must streamline the implementation of new suppliers and a disruptive technology. The good news is that a solution is in sight. The RAN intelligent controller (RIC) is the key to enabling true openness, innovation and differentiation.

Join our webinar, where we highlight the benefits that RIC platforms enable, with a focus on improved quality of experience and the creation of services that fuel new applications and revenue growth.

An uncrewed passenger air taxi stands on the road waiting for a client
Panel discussionWebinar

The Pathway to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

1st Jun 2022

We'll be joining industry experts in this panel session to discuss the steps needed to make Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) a reality. We'll be exploring topics such as requirements for ground and air infrastructure, costs, regulations, public acceptance and more.