At MWC 2020 we're bringing our team of experts from across high performance communications, service innovation and connected devices.

With over 850 specialists, we hold the world's largest and most advanced independent wireless development teams - our mix of technical expertise and market experience is unique.

IoT Data Analytics: From Data to Actionable Insights

Tuesday 25 February | 15:15 - 16:15 | Hall 4, Auditorium 4

Join AJ Van Bochoven, our Head of Strategic Innovation and Lan Lin, Senior Researcher at Hitachi Europe, as they unveil a new project to deliver AI-powered service innovation.

Developed in collaboration with Cambridge Consultants, Hitachi’s new Service Innovation Platform helps their customers benefit from the huge potential of digital transformation.

Using novel algorithms, Hitachi gain insights from industrial assets to shape transformational new service concepts.

This seminar offers insights on its initial applications, including predictive maintenance and automated routing, whilst outlining critical success factors for delivering service innovation.    

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Dr. Derek Long

Head of Telecoms & Mobile

Dr. Heidi Pinkney

Lead Consultant, Technology Strategy

Michal Gabrielczyk

Senior Consultant, Technology Strategy

AJ Van Bochoven

Head of Strategic Innovation

Martin Cookson

Director of Service Innovation

Tristram Smith

Senior Consultant, Service Innovation

Thomas Carmody

Head of Transport & Infrastructure

Jez Stark

Head of Semiconductor Services

Stewart Marsh

Associate Director, Wireless & Digital Services 

Kenichi Suzuki

VP, Business Development, Wireless & Digital Services

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High performance communications

Custom 5G platforms and ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) will revolutionize enterprise markets, bringing connectivity to business-critical tasks that drive unprecedented value.

Our experience covers virtually every aspect of radio and communications development, from developing the wireless system for Ocado’s automated supermarket warehouse, to the ground-to-air radio system controlling over 50% of the world’s air traffic.

Service innovation

Effective service design defines successful digital transformation. This is enabled by 5G and AI, which brings services to life through an ability to learn, anticipate and make decisions.

Our mix of commercial insight and technical rigor helps clients explore and determine which services will be most valuable, whilst our rapid development capability takes full ‘products with services’ to market.

Connected devices

From smart homes and smart cities, to logistics and medical technology, the IoT is constantly growing.

We have decades of experience developing connected devices and systems for both consumer and industrial markets. This gives us an unrivalled understanding of the complex trade-offs between size, power, cost and performance necessary to create breakthrough products and services.

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The real power of 5G

The real power of 5G lies in how it can enable the digital transformation of the business world. However, this requires more than just a technology shift. Telecom operators will need to develop new service-enablement platforms and respond to the unique needs of diverse industries.

This paper outlines the unique connectivity requirements of modern enterprises and how 5G can accelerate digital transformation.

Ofcom: use of ai in online content moderation

A key theme to the debate about harmful internet material is how automated approaches driven by AI can enhance content moderation. These approaches may have implications for our future use, and attitudes towards, online communication.

By examining online use and attitudes, our Ofcom-commissioned report helps widen the debate on the risks we all face.  

Chiplets: the path to iot diversity

In this paper, we explore why chiplets offer a path towards increased IoT diversity. Unlike traditional monolithic approaches, chiplet architectures disaggregate functions into modular building blocks that can be manufactured at very low cost.

OEMs can expect to unlock a host of new, low-cost IoT product opportunities, whilst semiconductor companies have a viable path to develop optimal offerings for a wider variety of applications, at the same time as keeping the portfolio smaller and reducing costs and timescales. 

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News & Insights

Press release

Helping visually impaired people to navigate indoor spaces

16th Dec 2019

Cambridge Consultants and Waymap have created a unique smartphone service that helps visually impaired people to navigate through complex indoor spaces, such as public transport hubs.

  • AI & Analytics
  • Digital services
  • Sensing
  • Tracking & location
Press release

Cambridge Consultants and Iridium continue world-changing partnership as $3 billion space upgrade is completed

3rd Jul 2019

Cambridge Consultants has been Iridium’s partner developing core technology for ground-based devices and infrastructure, part of the largest technology upgrade ever to take place in space.

  • AI & Analytics
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital services
  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Embedded software
  • Innovation management
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Signal processing
  • Strategic advice
  • Tracking & location
Press release

Cambridge Consultants advises ECI Partners in advance of IoT investment

13th Nov 2018

We advised the UK private equity firm during its management buyout of Arkessa, the IoT managed services provider. Following a thorough technical analysis the investment was completed during summer 2018.

  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital services
  • Strategic advice
Press release

Paul Beastall appointed to UK5G Advisory Board

11th May 2018

Our own Paul Beastall has been appointed to the Advisory Board of UK5G. A UK government funded group that brings together organisations across the ecosystem in order to drive the progress of 5G. Paul Beastall, Director...

  • AI & Analytics
  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Digital services
  • Electronics & ASICs
  • Embedded software
  • Radio systems
  • Strategic advice
  • Tracking & location

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