The NHS Long Term Plan Conference run by Govconnect aims to ensure that the visions for Health and Care are delivered upon, and all partner organisations have a platform through which they can communicate their visions for future policy direction along with the accompanying implementation strategies and timelines.

Going to The NHS Long Term Plan Conference?.

Join our Global Head of Digital Health, Jaquie Finn in the afternoon plenary session- Better Care For Major Health Conditions.


Date 29 April 2020
Time 15:40 – 15:55
Speaker Jaquie Finn, Global Head, Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

Our Global Head of Digital Health Jaquie Finn will be reporting from the frontline of innovation- contactless, passive remote monitoring is set to change everything – in hospitals, in automobiles and in countless other applications. Here, Jaquie will draw on our work at Cambridge Consultants and discuss the potency of cutting-edge technology that has the potential to save countless lives.    

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