The promise of AI continues to elude those who can benefit most, but new technologies are providing practical pathways to their use. Rahul Sathe joins medical and emerging technology experts from Nvidia and NetApp to discuss the common challenges to getting AI projects off the ground, including how to move from PoC, to scale, to AI as an integral contributor to the business or mission. 

Hear AI healthcare practitioners from Cambridge Consultants, NetApp and NVIDIA discuss how AI is transforming healthcare.

Nvidia on-demand webinar - AI Beyond the Hype – Addressing Practical, High-Impact Health Challenges 


  • Esteban Rubens, Healthcare AI Principal, NetApp (Moderator)​
  • Rahul Sathe, VP, Surgical Innovation, Cambridge Consultants
  • George Vacek, PhD, Global Director, Sequencing Strategic Development, NVIDIA​
  • David LaBrosse, Global Director, Emerging Technologies, NetApp ​

By watching this on-demand webinar, you'll learn: 

  • Best practices and advice for your AI projects 
  • Lessons learned from AI healthcare and life sciences customer implementations 
  • Solutions for implementing your AI projects 

On-demand webinar

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