The conference will explore the challenge of generating and collecting meaningful data clinical, genomic, translational and R&D sources. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn ways of improving efficiency of data management, analysis, integration, quality and storage. Moreover, they will explore what data strategy plans could lead them to a better-informed decision making.

Going to Pharmaceutical R&D Informatics Summit 2019?

Building the digital ecosystem for tomorrow’s clinical trials

Date | 27 September 2019
Time | TBC
Speaker| Jaquie Finn

We, in consultation with clinical psychiatrists and neuroscientists, have designed a platform that is AI-driven, multimodal and measures and monitors biometric, behavioural and contextual data as unobtrusively as possible.

The exemplar we chose when designing the ecosystem is monitoring people’s stress levels during clinical trials which is important because stress affects trial outcomes and must be taken into consideration….and with the rising costs of CTs coupled to the commercial risk of failure, it is vital we harness mobile human data to inform better trial design, better understand outcomes and maximise the likelihood of clinical success.


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