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Theme 1: AI, Automation, and Algorithmic Accountability

Panel: Do moderators dream of electric sheep? The potential for AI in regulating online content 

Date | 13 June 2019
Time | 09:00
Location | L'Escale Lounge, Laico Hotel
Speaker | Dr Sally Epstein, Senior Technologist for Machine Learning, Cambridge Consultants

Online platforms are increasingly facing calls from lawmakers and regulators to address harmful content of various types, whilst frequently wishing to moderate their own content under their own terms of use and policies. The scale of the content on many platforms makes some form of algorithmic function a necessary part of content moderation, and recently interest has grown in using AI technologies, such as machine learning, to play a part.

In affiliation with Ofcom, Dr Sally Epstein, Senior Technologist for Machine Learning at Cambridge Consultants will join a panel to exchange views between expert panellists, and the public, on the potential for AI to be used in content moderation, while respecting fundamental rights.

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