The global prefilled syringes market size is expected to reach a value of $22.5 billion USD by 2025 with growing usage of prefilled syringes and technological advancements in auto-injectors being the key factors driving the market. During the conference, delegates will explore new technologies and innovations for platform systems of injectable delivery devices, and assess the impact of digitalisation, patient-centricity and the regulatory compliance which make up such core components within the PFS sphere. 


Body worn Injectors: Shaping the future of parenteral drug delivery

Type: Workshop

Date: 15th January 2019

Leaders: Sergio Malorni and James Blakemore, Senior Consultants in Medical Technology

Body worn injectors will become a key choice for injectable drug delivery and reshape healthcare by disrupting therapy administration and patient management in and out of hospitals. In this workshop, Sergio Malorni and James Blakemore will explore the factors that will drive the transformation of the parenteral drug delivery device landscape and explore the key technologies and healthcare innovations necessary to materialise this future.

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