Your 2030 self: every experience personalized

South by Southwest® (SXSW®) celebrates the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries. We will be speaking in a session with industry leaders from Bose, L'Oreal and Drinkworks at the J W Marriott on March 16 and we look forward to seeing you there.    

By 2030, you'll have precise, on-demand, solution-oriented products tailored to you. Tomorrow's consumers, growing up with unlimited information, will expect experiences that are effortlessly personalized, that allow them to live a life that is as unique as they are.

Hear from thought leaders on how the combination of physical and digital will enable this future, informing how to develop experiences now, and how to scale customization to reach millions of people. 

Meet our industry leads at SXSW

Duncan Smith

EVP, North America

Ruth Thomson

SVP, Global Consumer Business

Eric Cohen

SVP, Consumer Business

Ann Torres

SVP, Engineering

Andrew Beddoe

Director, Consumer & Health Business

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The future of personalization

What is personalization and what does the future look like?

An innovator’s guide to personalization

Until recently beauty and tech weren’t considered complementary. But now, technology is rapidly changing the relationship between consumers and brands and is driving a massive digital transformation in the beauty and personal care industry.

Fuelled by the ever-present connectivity in our daily lives, modern brands are now connecting directly with consumers and building mutually beneficial relationships and experiences together that are bringing personalization to the forefront.

Digital twin, digital skin: is it time to take personalization to the next level?

The skincare industry has always relied on being personal. There’s nothing more personal than your skin. Using a combination of digital twinning techniques evolved in other sectors and the use of ultra-personal data, the skincare industry can get closer to its customers than ever before.

8 trends impacting the beauty industry

It is becoming ever more challenging for brands to gain and retain loyalty in a competitive market. From the methods they use to communicate with their customers to the products they are offering, here we go into detail on 8 of the current key trends which are impacting the beauty industry.

How can technology be used to create a personalized service?

Understand what is already being done in the market and see smart ways we have considered the use of technology for consumer personalization.

Enabling a new generation of skincare products

Skintuition can gather images of your skin and alert you to changes in its condition through your phone. This can give the user detailed requirements for optimising their skin care, enabling them to purchase a personalized product which is fit for their needs.

The Skintuition platform technology uses off-the-shelf camera technology and integrated algorithms. It looks at your skin in up to 12 different colors simultaneously, including UV and infra-red – and all using the kind of low-cost camera you find in a smartphone, aided by a ring of LEDs.    

Personalized wine blending technology    

For many people, choosing the right wine can be a daunting experience. We set ourselves the challenge of creating a product that would demystify this complex subject and make exploring different wines fun and educational for the consumer.

Vinfusion is a personalized wine blending system that allows the user to design their perfect wine and then enjoy it instantly. Through the intelligent use of data, Vinfusion is also able to make wine recommendations based on the user’s tastes while collecting valuable market intelligence for the vendor.    

Personalization at CES 2020

Hot on the heels of CES, Duncan Smith unpacks some of the notable breakthroughs in personalization ahead of the Personalised Beauty Summit.

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