Cambridge Consultants will be sponsoring and speaking at SynBioBeta 2020.

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James Hallinan, Head of Business Development for the Bioinnovation team, will be part of a panel discussion in the Hardware & Automation stream at the event. 

How to build a world-class technology architecture

Date | 30 September 2020
Time | 11am-11:45am PST
Moderator | James Hallinan, Head of Business Development for Bioinnovation, Cambridge Consultants

The leaders in agritech, sustainable materials, and cell and gene therapy all have one thing in common: a world-class technology stack. What are the deep considerations when building your enterprise platform? What do you build, and what do you buy?

This session is a deep dive on assembling automation, robotics, and analytics to create the infrastructure enabling you to lead in your market. 

Jed Dean of Zymergen and Patrick Boyle of Ginkgo Bioworks and Steven Riedmuller of Swift Bioscience will join James in the discussion.

Spotlight talk

Date | 01 October 2020
Time | 09:35 - 09:40am PST
Speakers | Richard Hammond, Head of Bioinnovation, Cambridge Consultants, Matthew Jones, PhD, Senior Scientist, Ellen Simmons, Senior Biomedical Engineer, Cameron Watson, Principal Consultant, Strategy, Innovation and Process Group

More details coming soon.   

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