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Artificial Intelligence was a focus technology for CES 2018. Markets as diverse as automotive, consumer audio, healthcare and white goods showcased their latest designs leveraging AI to offer customers better choices based on their habits or specific situation. While internet enabled products were dubbed “smart” a decade ago, it's really now with the accelerating pace of AI integration in all manner of devices that we begin to really see machine-based intelligence in our interactions with products all around us.

Voice assisted AI has been with us for a few years, with Siri and Alexa firmly in the public consciousness. The trend at CES this year was for multi-modal interfaces and AI assistance, with Google and Samsung showcasing their AI-enabled devices with screens to offer users another way to interact with their AI assistant. Multi-modal AI assistance is a natural progression in the trend of AI integration which we expect to continue.

AI is also not confined any more to the home or office; vehicle manufacturers are already leveraging AI heavily in their autonomous driving programs. At CES this year we saw a number of major automotive suppliers looking into the vehicle interiors of the future to determine how AI can be used to make the experience of travelling in an autonomous vehicle as comfortable as possible.

What we have seen at CES is many of the major technology brands stepping up their efforts to deliver their own flavours of AI in their components or products. Samsung, Google, Qualcomm and Intel, among others, announced plans for deeper integration and promotion of the technology.

Our demos were heavily focused on leveraging AI in novel ways. Vincent, our art generating AI, offered customers a peek into the future where AI will be widely used by professionals to increase the human creative potential. 'YAARP' combines AR, deep learning with low cost electronics to enable unskilled operators to complete complex tasks. These new methodologies demonstrate that AI doesn't necessarily involve vast training, augmented or synthetic datasets to be deployed effectively.

Thomas Carmody

Thomas is an experienced marketing and business development manager with over 15 years’ experience in short range wireless communications and a track record of introducing successful hardware and software products to market and driving continuous business growth.