It seems that only yesterday crowdsourcing sites were crammed with 3D printer projects - well now it's the turn of automated home brew equipment

There's a bewildering choice of home brewing systems to choose from - Beerdroid, Brewboss, Grainfather, Igulu, Pico, Brewbot to name but a few

They range from all grain, fully automated to simpler extract systems.



I'm here at Brau and Brewie - crowdfunded through Indigogo - is weeks away from launching its spanking new 20 litre "brewhouse".

Once they have their new toy, the home brewing enthusiast simply orders pre measured and pre-packaging bags of grain and hops which come with an RFID card.

Connect the unit to a power and water source; add the bags into the compartments, scan the card and press go.

Brewie will then do the rest and produce a hot hopped wort (sugar solution) which is then cooled (Brewie does this too) ready for fermentation in a separate vessel leaving Brewie ready to start the next brew.

Of course it all comes at a cost - $1900 - but it seems interest is high with 600 pre orders.
The units have been made in Taiwan and start shipping before Xmas!

I'm sure there will continue to be further entries into this exciting arena, but for me I think the key challenges to address for mass market appeal will include

  • Cost - you'll need to be under £500 a unit
  • Hassle - brewing is a messy business and the better systems will need to be intuitive to use and easy to clean

So, I'm hanging fire before I buy my first system!

Mark Harrison

Mark has over 3 decades of experience in beverage development and innovation. He is a Master Brewer and has held a number of technical director roles in the beverage industry.