A recent survey by Deloitte[1] of CEOs found that 92 % publicly support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) only 17% actually have a plan to achieve them by 2030. Businesses have a crucial role to play in bringing about environmental change, governments can legislate and individuals can modify their behaviour, but the vast majority of goods and services we use are produced by businesses. Helping businesses to innovate and deliver low environmental impact products and services whilst still being commercially competitive is one of the many challenges our engineers and scientists address almost every day.

Cambridge Consultants is a sponsor of the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum, a one day forum held at the Cambridge Union. It is aimed at increasing awareness of climate change, sustainability and 21st Century environmental challenges.

The theme, ‘Living on the Edge’, aims to engage the audience about how we can manage climate risks and tackle the social, economic and environmental challenges we face as a species.

Cambridge Consultants' Catherine Joce is presenting a session entitled: Business as unusual: influencing better sustainable practices. We work with a vast range of companies from small start-ups to large multi-national organisations. As technology developers we help these companies to achieve disruptive, breakthrough changes within their companies and their markets.

If you would like a copy of Catherine's presentation you can find it on SlideShare here.


[1]: Deloitte - The business case for inclusive growth (January 2018)
Survey of senior executives - 70% C-suite, remainder VP level and above, all from organisations >$1B revenue per year, 46% from organisations >$5B.

Catherine Joce

Catherine is a Consultant in the Strategy, Innovation and Process group, focussed identification and implementation of strategic opportunities for sustainable innovation.