The era of clinical trials as we’ve known them, is coming to an end. Rising costs, coupled with the commercial risks of failure, are unsustainable. This disruptive state is driving the adoption of new technologies, and catalysing the digital transformation of clinical trials.

With approximately 7,000 Phase III interventional clinical trials currently active, each potentially costing tens of millions of dollars, the impact that they can have on any sponsor’s balance sheet is considerable. Clinical trials involve multiple stakeholders and attract the interest of regulators, investors, and even patient advocacy groups. As a result, the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to succeed is not only financial but also reputational.

In this report, we identify the key challenges faced by clinical trial sponsors and suggest how digital technologies can address them. We also present the fundamental technological solutions that will catalyse the transformation of clinical trials. Complete the form below to receive your copy.


  • Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health
  • Harshal Shah, Vice President, Global MedTech

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