ve recently held our biennial showcase event - Innovation Day - where we display our complete range of product development capabilities to key clients from around the world.   We do this by delivering demonstrations, keynotes presentations and a range of technology or skill based seminars. During the day, it was clear to see that clients were engaged, innovative thinking was thriving and it was a success all around. Looking at all of the demonstrations and listening to keynote speakers such as Professor William Webb, CTO of Neul or Peter George, CEO of Clinigen Group plc, stimulates thinking about what innovation means and how business should actively use innovation and technology to drive revenue and profitable growth in their business. Some of this thinking is provocative and challenging - "if you're not growing by more than your industry benchmark, then you are not innovating enough."

Technically, "innovation" is defined merely as "introducing something new". We like to take that further here at Cambridge Consultants and do things that are fundamentally better than what was there before. It is clear from the interviews of those that attended the day, from the likes of Britvic, Iridium and Novartis, they all have different innovation requirements, but one message we hear consistently is that true innovation rarely comes from within your own industry – but is something that can be radically improved by working with an organisation that has a footprint in multiple markets and can easily transfer the lessons from one industry directly into another.  A fantastic example of this ‘technology transfer’ was aptly illustrated by the ‘Oil in sea water detection’ demo, where the underlying technology was originally developed by Cambridge Consultants as the detection ‘engine’ for a highly successful range of pregnancy testention was the Te concept which promises to take tea brewing to a whole new level, much in the same way that the way making coffee at home has radically changed from some granules in a cup to a top quality barrista-like experience.It’s great to see that innovation and innovative product development can create such stimulation.    Even more exciting was seeing how our clients connected with the innovatis and fertility monitors.

Other demo’s that seemed to catch the attention of those present included our connected bike demonstration for example, which shows how the application of technology to a long established product can completely transform it into something much more – in this case the bike becomes your coach and  team-mate and can significantly help improve a rider’s performance. Another demo that got significant attons on display and the buzz it created.