So you have a physical/digital innovation idea, but what now? Not everyone knows how to embark on the road to a new market breakthrough – or has the confidence to overcome natural hesitancy. At CC, we believe in the design thinking approach known as DVF (Desirability, Viability, Feasibility). Tracking the development of innovation against these criteria brings greater efficiency and protects budgets. We use it to instil confidence in ambitious clients and help propel bold, new-to-the-world ideas.

In this eBook, I reveal the methodology, benefits and practical applications of DVF, and explain how it can unlock the next generation of physical/digital products and services. The approach represents a learn-fast paradigm that activates success through three parallel streams in an iterative way. It is particularly well suited to physical/digital innovation –when companies reach beyond traditional physical products to incorporate digital technology to expand their business.

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Jennifer Gomez
Digital Transformation, Consumer

Jen helps consumer businesses transform digitally to grow in new ways. She has 20+ years experience in brand and global business management, with a focus on breakthrough innovation and launching new platform opportunities. She is focused on turning great ideas into in-market success for her clients.

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