The movement is irresistible. Companies traditionally focused on physical products, from beauty to laundry, are embracing the opportunities of digital. The time to make things happen is now, before it’s too late and competitors steal a march. If you are part of a consumer business intent on transforming digitally and growing in entirely new ways, this eBook is essential reading. 

I’ve drawn on more than 20 years of experience in brand and global business management to share what I call the ‘Product+ playbook’ – a wide-ranging guide to help you reach beyond the physical to grasp the added value of innovative digital services. From getting started to making it work in the real world at scale, this guide is intended to provide insight and inspiration in equal measure.

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Jennifer Gomez
Digital Transformation, Consumer

Jen helps consumer businesses transform digitally to grow in new ways. She has 20+ years experience in brand and global business management, with a focus on breakthrough innovation and launching new platform opportunities. She is focused on turning great ideas into in-market success for her clients.

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