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Exploiting vision design to engage staff and inspire co-creation

Many companies have big ambitions regarding innovation, often captured in press statements, shiny websites or key note talks by executives. But who has really managed to change the innovation culture in their organisations? Which companies are properly rejuvenating their R&D approaches? And what are ways to really inspire and excite staff to go beyond the obvious and the status-quo?


We believe using vision design can be highly beneficial – from first establishing a shared purpose, providing inspiration through the creation of exciting future concepts and by initiating the development of products and services that will enable this future.

The importance of a clear vision

Throughout our many collaborations on new product and service development, we have experienced that companies that have established a strong vision for their company, their industry or even for the whole of society are often able to:

  • Come up with more future-focused solutions, enabling the company to stay ready for the always changing future
  • Realise a stronger proposition and roadmap for new products and services
  • Excite their staff and customers more, leading to more in-depth discussions and engagements with potential partners
  • Show willingness to share their story and are not afraid to be vocal about their ambitions
  • Are actually able to make things happen – e.g. launch the product or service that is disrupting the market.

An example of a company with a strong vision and the dedication to act on it by building teams, capabilities and solutions to make this vision a reality is Ocado. They have been unafraid to push beyond their industry's borders and not only transform themselves but also consumer and wider ecosystem expectations. Having a vision that is being understood and ‘lived’ throughout the organisation is a massive help here, as we sensed when we worked with Ocado on their breakthrough warehouse automation control system.

Vision design with Hitachi

At the Innovation Roundtable Summit, an annual get-together of innovation managers and strategy executives, we will share together with Hitachi an example of successfully translating innovation ambitions into action through the use of vision design. In a collaborative effort we created a number of visions of the future – exploring how society might shape up and what Hitachi’s role in this new society might be. Immersing the team in these visions of the future stretched the imagination and inspired the designers and engineers to come up with new product and service concepts that go beyond the status-quo and really drive a culture of innovation within the wider organisation.

Meet us at the Innovation Roundtable Summit (7-9 Nov, Copenhagen) to find out more

I hope to find at the Innovation Roundtable Summit many more companies who want to establish a strong vision and are willing to really go for it!

If you are visiting the Innovation Roundtable Summit, find us at booth 20 in the lobby area and join the track talk ‘A 2025 vision that goes ‘beyond smart’ – exploiting vision design to engage staff and inspire co-creation’, given by me (Antonno Versteeg) and Yoshitaka Shibata of Hitachi Ltd.

Antonno Versteeg

As a consultant in the Strategy, Innovation and Process team I help executives make the right decisions about their company's innovation, design and product development direction.