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One of the things that Cambridge Consultants does best is transferring technology from one sector to the other - most commonly between the many sectors we work in such as medical, oil & gas and beverage. So, that's why it was great to see a good example of that at BrauBeviale this year.

Nitro coffee has been a hot trend, particularly in America, for a couple of years. And now Ardagh Group have launched a packaging solution that provides it in a ready to drink (RTD) format. They are using technology that has been used for many years in the beer industry - widgets that add nitrogen to a can of beer when opened to create a smooth and creamy head. We were involved in one of these developments many years ago - helping Bass navigate a complex IP landscape to create their own unique widget which is still in production today.

But seeing that reminded me of some of the great examples of technology transfer that we have innovated around:

At Brau this year we showed our latest beverage innovation - Vinfusion. The aim of this is to map consumer flavour and aroma perception to the science of blending wine, in an engaging way, and such that it educates consumers about what wine is most suitable to their palette. Whilst this is focused on wine, the same approach and know how could be transferred to a wide range of consumer goods - including other beverage products, but equally cosmetics, personal care products and even household products.

As ever, the limit of innovation is the imagination and sources of inspiration!

Edd Brunner
Head of Asia Industrial & Consumer Business

Edd is responsible for all our work in the food and beverage market. This includes understanding our clients' needs, reviewing projects and ensuring that we constantly meets our clients' commercial and technical requirements.