Vinfusion - wine dispense

I was at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg this month, which as a fluidics and brewing specialist at CC has to be one of my all-time favourite trade shows, with exhibitors from across the brewing and wider drinks industry. This year we had a stand showing off two completely different demonstrator systems, both utilising novel fluid mixing technologies.

Our microencapsulation demonstrator system utilises reverse cyclone technology to turn two immiscible liquids into a micro-emulsion. I see an ever-increasing array of applications for emulsion generation technologies, from biology and medical diagnostics such as single cell encapsulation within microfluidic droplets for drug screen and digital PCR, to rapid dispersion of flavour compounds in beer and soft drinks and other beverages. Even in coffee, the physics behind a good stable crema comes down to the emulsions.

Challenges in mixing are evident across the entire brewery process chain, from preparation of ingredients such as hop oil extracts, yeast, enzymes, and fining additions, right through to challenges in mixing and carbonation at the point of dispense. An in-line emulsion generation system such as out technology demonstrator, offers a unique method for maximising dispersion within two liquids, and there was much interest at BrauBeviale for the technology across a wide range of sectors, in both droplet generation and micro-encapsulation.

Our other demonstrator, Vinfusion brings a new level to beverage personalisation, offering a unique wine selection, blending and dispensing experience. An app guides users to tune taste parameters such as body, sweetness, and fieriness of the wine, and then blends a number of base wines, each representing the extremities of the taste envelope, before bubbling air through the wine in a unique decanting and dispensing font. Like our hop-infusing beer tap, we’ve brought a unique take to beverage customisation, through applying a science-led approach to technical innovation in the drinks industry.


Rob Marchington

I work as a Senior Engineer at Cambridge Consultants. I'm a physicist by background with expertise in optics, photonics, biotech and microfluidics, and work cross-divisionally within the company bringing my expertise to a wide range of applications. In my spare time, I'm an avid craft brewer, so as well as working on innovative instrumentation development for medical/diagnostics applications in MedTech, I also get to work on a number of beer and coffee related Consumer projects.