Our reliance on machines has grown exponentially since the industrial revolution. With the advent of navigation systems, autopilot became a standard on most commercial flights. Space exploration is an even more extreme example of an industry where we have come to trust navigation systems significantly.

However, the potential of proven and life-critical navigation technology has not managed to cross over to the surgical space. Is it because today’s technology is not capable of meeting the exacting demands of surgical procedures, or are there other barriers that we need to overcome?

Could the navigation systems of the future enable general surgeons to do more specialized procedures, thereby providing access to high-level care to an ever-increasing patient population? Can it enable new procedures or treat new conditions? Will it give rise to new clinical disciplines?

These questions are not being asked for the first time, however the answers thus far have been elusive. We are hosting a workshop, drawing together thought leaders from the industry and clinical practise to envision the surgical navigation system of 2030 and the accompanying ecosystem. Through a combination of short, stimulating presentations and guided discussions, we aim to develop a collective view of how the surgical navigation system of the future can democratize surgery.

Following this workshop we'll be creating a report with our findings, which you can register for in advance using the form below.

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Shweta Gupta
Head of Navigation & Visualization