IoT, data and AI offer huge opportunities across many industries – but where and how do you create most value for your business?

The real power of 5G

Key to answering this is the ability to turn data generated by IoT industrial assets into actionable insights, providing businesses with the intelligence that informs high-level business strategies. 5G brings this into sharp focus as carriers and industries explore how to create services that leverage high performance communications to transform the way they operate and grow.

With a rich history of helping clients exploit new opportunities in wireless technology and digital services, we were honoured to be asked by the GSMA to present a seminar on this topic as part of their Mobile World Congress 2020 digital content.

Service innovation for Hitachi 

“How can Hitachi rapidly co-create with its customers to explore where and how to deploy IoT and AI for new business growth?” This was the question Hitachi, a long-standing client, posed to us a little over a year ago and the focus of our seminar for the GSMA.

To answer this, we undertook an IoT project with Hitachi that enabled them to automatically identify new revenue streams for connected enterprises.

I’ve embedded both a recording of the seminar in this post, where I am delighted to be joined by Lan Lin, Senior Researcher at Hitachi Europe, and my interview with Mobile World Live TV.

By creating an IoT platform that used novel AI, Lan and her team at Hitachi were able to gain insights into their customers’ businesses and shape the most attractive new services (preventative maintenance for manufacturing and route optimization for shipping were two examples). This is a concept we’ve termed ‘service innovation’, which we explored in our recent blog Service innovation: the time is now.

Hitachi's ability to conduct rapid experimentation using this platform was key to the success, highlighting those services that offered most value. Developing an IoT platform, such as this, to test and validate ideas before deploying at scale is an essential ingredient to gain value from IoT and the key to the project’s success. This not only complements a top down business strategy but is able to define long-term value, opening the door to transformational business growth.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Lan Lin and the whole team at Hitachi for choosing to partner with us and for joining us in telling the story to the Mobile World Congress ecosystem. It’s been an exciting journey and shows what amazing results you can have through collaborating on innovation!

To find out more about how we help clients leverage the technology and market opportunity of 5G and IoT, visit our Smart Connectivity homepage.

AJ Van Bochoven
Head of Strategic Innovation

As Head of Strategic Innovation, AJ brings more than 20 years experience in technology consultancy, specialising in R&D management and technology commercialisation projects.