Cambridge Consultants work with many leading brands to develop products that change the game. World leading products are taken from concept, through proof of concept, followed by prototyping and on to full manufactured products in our innovative product development cycle.

Our engineering, life sciences, electronics and wireless labs provide a rich working environment to support our innovative product development, but it is our people that make the difference. Cambridge Consultants is grown by people following their passions and being the best they can be and growing the business and themselves around it.

Take James Collier for example. James joined us in 1984. He developed one of the first high frequency radios on CMOS, meaning we had the team that could exploit the opportunity provided by Bluetooth. James and 8 others went on to launch CSR, which had a very successful float on the stock exchange.

Gordon Oswald, now CTO of our latest spin off company Aveillant, started with us with some special ideas in broadband radar and developed some creative solutions to unusual problems in ice measurement, security systems and missile scoring. This led ultimately to the development of a holographic radar solution that has the ability to resolve wind farms from aircraft and is the basis of the Aveillant spin-off.

Andy Diston is still with us and has had a rich career here. As an electronics engineer he developed some exciting products like a solid state gas meter, before becoming the founding leader of our Wireless Division. He went to the US to lead our office at its inauguration there and is presently leading our Global Medical Technology practice, which provides innovative medical device development and consulting.

As these people demonstrate, we are a platform for an individual’s ambition. Cambridge Consultants have grown year on year for the last decade, more than doubling over that period. We have ambitious plans to double again over the next few years, diversifying into different market sectors and expanding our presence globall. This growth leads to individual opportunity. If you are ambitious and want to pursue your passions, then contact us to take an exciting step in your career.



Alan Richardson
Non-Executive Chairman

Now our Non-Executive Chairman, Alan was CEO from July 2012 to October 2017. His ambitious vision included doubling the company by the end of 2016, which we achieved with a growth factor of more than 6 in the US, significant projects for Asian clients, becoming Cambridge Employer of the year and four consecutive times a Sunday Times Top 100 company.