Business success from world-changing science.


Spanning both the worlds of the biology lab and the engineering workshop, sitting in the interesting space where these two environments can communicate, collaborate, and innovate.

How long have you worked at Cambridge Consultants? 

Coming up to 3 years in September! 

What are your individual responsibilities?   

I am often seen wearing many hats at any one time- spending some time in the management of a task in one project whilst also doing technical work to assist in the design and testing elements of another.  
What are the best parts of your job?   

I enjoy being involved in multiple types of work and learning a wide range of skills, where I can balance having responsibility and guiding others, with being a sponge that can absorb new knowledge in another area. 

Tell us about some of your achievements.   

Helped to encode Wikipedia into DNA, and was there for the final pour of the contents out of the machine!  

I was leading many of the test sequences which led to results that surpassed the capabilities of any other machine, and worked closely with the client and other team members to allow for rapid encoding of large amounts of data into DNA molecules. 

What excites you about bioinnovation?   

Biology knows no bounds, and follows different rules to typical engineering tools and materials. In a future where we must reduce use of resources and find creative ways to perpetuate life and new technologies, biology will ultimately take the forefront.