As our recently launched recruitment campaign in Boston suggests, it’s because you wanted a career where you could build, create and invent.  And that’s what we believe accepting an opening with Cambridge Consultants - a global, innovative product developer - allows our engineers to do.

Careers in engineering can come in various forms and engineering jobs can be wide and varied. Here, you get to pursue the projects that interest you most and construct the kind of career that you want, and with over 300 diverse and challenging projects a year, drawing on every scientific and creative discipline, there is plenty of variety and opportunity to select from.

We also believe our top flight engineers are at their best when they face some of the most challenging technical problems and are working with a fantastic group of inspiring colleagues. Given the nature of the innovative products we develop for clients around the world, we are never asked to design the dull or mundane.

We also embrace the concept that to create a truly radical product, design and engineering should co-exist.  Great products are when these two disciplines meld and the end-user is considered throughout the process.  As you’ll see, we have made a bold statement with our new space in Boston MA, by applying our own product development philosophy and techniques to its design. We have created an energetic environment that is intellectually inspiring, incredibly productive, and a joy to work in – as you can tell in the video below.

We realized a long time ago that the best way to sustain our success is to give talented people the environment they need to excel. So that’s what we do. Constant challenge and product variety, the freedom to chart your own career path, great benefits, a culture of trust, respect and support and a space that truly reflects our personality and values.

If you are looking to engineer the kind of career that you want, we are now hiring experienced engineers and have openings across a range of engineering disciplines in our US office. To find out more please see our list of current openings.