The wave of disruption is coming – and the time to start planning your roadmap to commercial quantum adoption is now. Where to start? Read our exclusive report to discover how Cambridge Consultants’ approach to deep tech unlocks defensible long-term value from new-to-the-world innovation.

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Quantum technology report

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Edmund Owen
Edmund Owen
Principal Quantum Physicist

Edmund works to combine his experience in modelling and quantum systems with the expertise of engineers, programmers and designers to develop quantum products which provide practical solutions to commercially and socially relevant problems.  Edmund is also a member of UKQuantum’s Steering Committee.

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James Cruise - Head of quantum algorithms
James Cruise
Head of Quantum Algorithms

James leads a team developing quantum computing capability to support future client needs, also creating demonstrators showcasing both the future potential of quantum computing and challenges in realising its potential. James has over 5 years of experience in quantum computing in both start-up and consultancy environments.

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