PiOna drug delivery device

Every so often, in the world of Drug Delivery Devices, we become aware of  a problem just begging for a solution. The injection of viscous fluids is an issue for many drug applications, the long injection times and large bore needles make the procedure uncomfortable and unpleasant. Couple this with self injection by an inexperienced patient into the lower back and the issue becomes extreme. This is exactly the situation for patients undergoing progesterone in oil injections as part of IVF treatment, they even share their pain on You Tube.

What is needed is a way to make  the procedure easy and comfortable, a user centred design approach in fact. We felt that we were ideally placed to create such a solution with our experience in the design and development of autoinjectors and our patient focused design approach. Recently exhibited at the PDA conference in Las Vegas, our piOna autoinjector is we think a breakthrough for IVF treatment.

PiOna gentle and automatically warms the contents of a prefilled syringe to body temperature making injection faster and less painful. The easy to grip and simple to actuate autoinjector makes injecting in hard to reach areas simple. Keeping the needle hidden from view throughout the procedure reduces the anxiety associated with injections making the whole injection procedure less of a pain. We've even had the opportunity to consider the lifestyles of IVF patients and created a product that doesn't say so much medical product as lifestyle product.

It's been a fascinating opportunity and we think a very satisfying outcome.

Matthew Allen
Head of Global Medical Technology

After several years leading our drug delivery device market development, Matthew now oversees global business development for our medical technology business, including drug delivery, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. His role involves strategic responsibility of business development as well as technical and commercial oversight of some of our most complex development projects, with a specific interest in inhalation and injection products.